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Book of Faiths


This book is a work in progress that we never expect to see completed. The Universal Ministries, with the help of many, many members, intend to share the religions from the most ancient of times to the newest of new age faiths. We invite you to use this book for enjoyment, reference, and enlightenment into the various religions of the world.

We cordially invite you to help us with this great endeavor. If you have not found your religious beliefs within these pages perhaps you would like to share your faith to the benefit of others. Submission to this work is relatively easy. We ask that your article is no longer than three pages yet at least one full page of information. It should discuss the conception, history, and type of worship within the faith. The faith should be a religion, not a cult, and should have a regular following of many people.

We realize many members are starting new ministries that do not have a following at this time based in their beliefs, yet to be considered a religious belief your faith should have a following that will extend beyond your existence in this world. Choose a title below to begin reading.

Book of Faiths

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