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The Bishop's program has evolved from the requests and comments of our members. We have been asked many times to appoint a person in different areas to help local ministers in getting started, and to give advise about local codes. Every Bishop is an Ordained Minister of the Universal Ministries The Bishop is not a Legal adviser, nor will they offer tax information except as a private citizen. The Bishop will be a person that can guide members to sources for such information, and offer suggestions to help members develop their own Ministry in their area.

The Bishops of the Universal Ministries, unlike with many other religious organizations, do not in most instances hold any greater authority than any of our individual Ministers. The offices of Bishop hold an advisory roll instead of a multilevel hierarchy management position. The function of the office is to act as local source of information concerning Local, State, or Provincial regulations that effect the Minister’s authority within their home area.

Under the Universal Ministries Articles of Association the appointment of a Bishop to office is controlled under the office of Ordinations. The Chief officer of the office of Ordinations may appoint Bishops from the membership at large as desired to promote the Ministries' duties throughout the world. The Chief Officer of Ordinations shall determine the Duties, Restrictions, Privileges, and Authority of the Bishops within the guidelines of the Articles of Association. Appointment to the Status of Bishop shall fall under the exclusive authority of the Chief Ordaining Officer of the Universal Ministries.

The Bishops are persons that freely provide information to members in their area, and may when requested by a member, help in establishing a new independent Ministry or church for the member. The Bishop is not required to provide any services beyond advising members. The Bishops act as an advisory panel to the Home Ministries on a volunteer basis. As new programs are recommended to the Headquarters, the Bishops will have the ability to make suggestions, comments, and ideas to aid in establishing such programs prior to making them available.

Bishops will be appointed for cities with populations exceeding 50,000 people, counties that have no large cities within their borders, and small Provinces or Territories. Currently, Bishops will be appointed by the Chief Officer of Ordinations from the Bishops within different States, Provinces and larger Territories. In some cases, Arch Bishops may act as the Ministries’ adviser for an entire country based on population, and number of members in the Ministries within a given country.
Duties of the Bishops:
Privilege and Authority of the Bishop:
Restrictions of the Bishops: The Chief Ordaining Officer has full authority to remove from office any Bishop due to infraction of the Ministries Doctrine, willful neglect of duties, or violation of legal criminal codes.
Candidates for Bishop:

Bishops will receive appointment on an annual basis. Each year new candidates may apply for the Bishops position in their area. All appointments will be handled on an equal basis with each New Year.

Appointment of the Bishop, as with any higher office, carries with it various costs in time, knowledge, and limited expense.

To seek appointment to Bishop:

Universal Ministries
PO Box 31
Milford, Illinois 60953
If you mail your statement, please double space lines and format properly (paragraphs, proper capitalization and proper punctuation) Please use plain white standard letter-size paper (8-1/2" x 11")

If you email your statement, please double space lines and format properly (paragraphs, proper capitalization and proper punctuation). Please use an easy-to-read font also.

What a Bishop receives upon appointment:

Bishops will be contacted by the Chief Officer of Ordinations for discussions and benefits to enhance the ministries. The Chief Officer of Ordinations at this time also holds the distinction of being one of the Ministries original Founders, and as such will diligently seek to appoint members of the highest standard of knowledge and faith to these new offices. All appointments will be based on ability and for no other reason.

If you have read and understood all of the above, and you are interested in becoming a Bishop for your area, please start the process by donating now. After you send your donation, please see to your statement of ability.

Email rev@universalministries.com your statement (either before or immediately after you make donation).

And then make your formal Application and Donation commitment of $100.00

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