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The Universal Ministries laws section has been updated to provide not only the laws to Perform Marriages, but includes regulations of your State pertaining to Marriage Authority, and requirements of the couples and filings of documents. Additionally the laws section now includes the Religious Authority of ministers to provide Religious Counseling and Spiritual Healing regulations of each State. If you do not find all the new information for your State, please be patient as this is always in progress. Each State page includes the regulations for, or against same sex unions, unless a State has not placed specific regulation in place.

You do not have to perform same sex weddings as a minister unless you wish to. The Universal Ministries allows each minister to be guided by their own faith in performing any ceremonies. You may want to be careful however in incorporating a Wedding Ministry since such corporations are considered Public entities which may negate your personal direction in faith.

We feel that it is very important that you know all the regulations of marriage, unions, Counseling, and Healing. Many sites are promoting wedding officiant programs without knowing these important laws. Do not be caught by their mistakes, false programs, and omissions of regulations that can place you in a punishable position. Many States do not allow the advertisement of marriage services under certain circumstances. Many States do not allow the usage of titles not specific to religion (i.e. Officiant) unless you are State appointed to the position.

You will find that the Universal Ministries is concerned about providing correct authority in all ways that you may share forward in faith without worry of violating the laws of your state, or any state you may serve in. Do not end up in jail; owe fines, or civil judgments from a lack of knowledge. The Universal Ministries has made your job simple by researching these important regulations for you.

The Universal Ministries updates the State laws often to keep you current. When State laws change during a calendar year, they will be updated as quickly as possible to protect you. If you have questions that are not answered in the State law you may contact the church for additional help. The Counseling/healing sections are the complete exemptions of religious leaders for each State. If you do not find Religious Exemption to certain laws it is due to the fact that clergy are not allowed without State licensure to work within those fields.

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