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Laticia Coney

I am living in the Forest Park, GA area and I have plans to participate in a jail ministry. I would like to ask for prayer in this area. I also would like prayer to break members in a families pattern to consciously or conscientiously obsess over faultfinding and contemplation of harming others

I would like to be a marriage minister and that's all. I don't want perform anything but only weddings.
Rev. Adam Harness

Remember me and my family during these trying times that God will see us through and that he will fulfill all of our needs. Also remember those that do not know the lord so that they may also find his love and mercy.
Melodie MacDiarmid

Ellen Roth, a NM school teacher, has been missing for over one month. Please help her to return safly.
Russell Foley, Rev.

I would like for everyone to say a prayer for my brother Glenn Foley. He has been diagnosed with liver cancer. He returns to the doctor on Friday August 28 to see how far the cancer has spread and when to start chemo. Please help with my prayers.Thank YouGod Bless you allRussell Foley, Rev.
Rev. Michael Fairbanks

For Adrian, Elvis and Roxy who must carry on despite the loss of Steena, Beloved Wife and Mother
Juanita Franklin

Hi my name is Juanita Franklin and I gotten ordain through the universal ministries and i need prayer for protection for me and my kids and I need need prayer to be delivered for witchcraft for me and my kids and I also want prayer for god to bless me with a husband I am an ordained minister now so please pray for me and my kids on all these matters and also prayer for god to meet all of our needs for me and my kids Thank you very much Reverend Juanita Marie Franklin
stephanie louise stires

I would like to request a prayer for my best friend's niece who is only 40 yrs old and she was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She discovered it 20 yrs ago and the doctors refused to do a mammogram on her until she became 40. And now the doctors told her to get her things in order. Please pray for her and her family(kids and her new husband).In God's name Amen
Sherry Baines

My dearest friend Beth Prothro, lost her father this evening. There are 3 other children and several grandchildren. I'm on my way to Iowa tomorrow to deliver the eulogy and I am an Ordained Minister through your service. I have't searched yet, but am hoping to find some sample eulogies to help me prepare. In the meantime, please pray for this wonderful family. They have many difficult tests to face in the coming day.Thank you, Sherry Baines
Rev.Ricky Donnell

Pray for my family ,and my ministry that I may spread God's word.Please strive with me in Prayer.in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Evangelist Durell Smith

Please pray for me as I endevour to do the will of God. Please pray for my Marriage, My church, my Bishop as well as we endevour to do the will of God and stand in God's devine Perfect will.
Justin C. Harris

I would like to request prayer for my vocation to UM ordination.

join us in blessing our "new" (to us) home. a toubled family with maritial,addiction and mental problems had lived there. may your prayers help us in changing the history for our home as well as bless our familys new life in it..Sincerely with great thanks F.Golab

Pray for all the men and women in our great armed forces.
Rev. Sheila Kropf

For guidence on my first wedding cerimony this coming Saturday afternoon. Thank You and God Bless.
Rev. Scott D. Maslanik PM

Lord, We ask for you help with the purchase of a new home. Please, may our offer be accepted by the owner and may we find the persons that love our house and want to buy it. This we ask in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen

My son Bryan is currently incarcerated for drug charges. I am asking for prayer for the civil courts to have mercy on him when it comes time for his sentencing. He needs treatment not jail. Please pray for him.Thank you.
Rev. Robert Cossell

I pray that the lord will look over me and continue to open doors in allowing me to heal and assist others.. That he also helps in allowing me to have the things I need to succeed in everything I do. Amen.
James Watts

I've lost the one true love in my life and have been doing everything within my power to earn her hand in love again. I've prayed for three years now and know in my heart she is the one. I've asked for signs and for God's help in achieving this. Please pray for me and for her.

I need a prayer that I may find a new teaching position that, I may be able to teach children inthe area of special needs that is dear to my heart. I continually give God the glory for all he has done for me.I ask that favor is shed upon me that when I walk into a school, they will see the love I have in my heart for God's children.

Please pray for my father Joe that has been very ill.

Please pray for my daughther's quick recovery from her mental health issues. Her newborn daughter needs her love and support so much. So does her 2 year old son who will soon be having surgery.
Rev. Leanna Cox

Please pray for my Daddy Joe Porche he is in Iraq
Sherry Massey

I would like to pray for gratefulness in all of us. I am grateful to the Lord for allowing me to be with my family each day I wake up breathing. I am grateful for the roof over our heads, the food provided us, and the friends and family that are there for us when we need them. I am grateful that I am about to venture out amoung others and hopefully spread some hope and gratitude to them. Thank you for my daily blessings.Amen
Benjamin Fonseca

Disabled male 30yrs old diagnosed with severe rheaumatoid arthritis at age 2. Wheelchair bound by age 10. That my journey as a newly revernd helps those in which have help me in so many ways.
michael etheridge

for my mom;(Ruth Etheridge) recently diagnosed with colon cancer,surgery pending.
Juanita Franklin

Hi my name is Juanita Franklin and I want prayer for me and my kids, I want prayer because I have been ordain through your ministrie as a preacher and I want prayer that I be a good preacher and that my finances get better so that i'll be able to get everything I need for my ministry and I'll be able to pay all of my bills and provide for me and my kids, and for protection for me and my kids. Thank you very much.
Juanita Franklin

Hi my name is Juanita Franklin and I need prayer for me and my three kids I need prayer so that me and my kids won't be homeless and end up on the streets with no where to go.I have to move and I have to be out of my apartment by september the first so I need god to bless me with a apartment I can afford for me and my kids and all the money we need for the apartment and all the money we need to pay the movers and everything else we need and I need god to bless me with a job so I can pay all my bills and continue keep paying my tithes and be able to take care of me and my kids.I need god to just meet all of me and my kids needs.

Please pray for my friend Moe, she has lost her Mother after a very long battle. For her son Chuck who has lost his way. Please also pray for Tara who has must deal with this all!! Thank you
Reverend Isaiah Chong, O.M.

I ask all to please pray for my former neighbor who is having psychiatric problems. She is harassing neighbors including my mother whom is wheelchair-bound. Please pray that see find salvation in Christ as soon as possible. Everday I pray for her, Please do the same.
Georgette Dashiell

I would be grateful for prayer regarding divine right employment. I am working on changing my line of work to be more in line with my education, experience, and heartfelt desires. I am interested and have been applying for adjunct faculty positions in theater arts at local community colleges. I am also working toward beginning my own reiki and spiritual counseling business, including weddings and memorial services. I am facing my own fears and insecurities during this time of change. Thank you for your blessings and prayers!
Prophetess Regina Monroe

I decided to return to college,at 59 yrs old taking psychology. Pray for me to get excellent grades and scholarships.I have a little trouble with memory retention and college math. Please pray for our ministry too, this is my reason for retuning to school.
Rev. Isaiah Chong

Today, I met up with an old friend. And he told me his wife had cervical cancer and she is pregnant at the same time, Doctors told them the life of the mother and baby is at risk! Can you please pray for the welfare of baby and mother.
Rev. Matthew Cox

I pray for all of the young people of this world. That they see Gods greatness and only follow the right path in life. Amen
Jeremiah Kjensmo

I would like for you to pray for my daughter's future. I am a single dad and just enrolled in college in hopes to make that future better. I want nothing but the best for her and I could use all the prayers I can get in order to be a successive single father.
Gerald (Jerry) Mays

Background: Years ago I accepted the call into the ministry. After about 5 years of serving, I left the ministry. I haven't been a "regular" at church since.Since then, I've worked for three companies that have filled for bankruptcy leaving my wife and to the place where we're filing for bankruptcy.Through it all, I've had people tell me that maybe I'm in the place I am because I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing (Preching).My wife and I went to a church Sunday of last week and for the first time in years I felt an incredible moving of the Spirit. If you remember the story of Jesus in Gethsemene where he asked the disciples to pray but they kept falling asleep; This is probably the second time this has happened to me where I felt like God was asking me "WHY ARE YOU ALEEP?" I felt like the Lord went on to say "WAKE UP." Tears began to flow. I was so embarrased by the tears and I tried to hide them but my wife noticed. I briefly whispered to her what I felt had just happened but she didn't really say anything.After we left church today we talked about it a little but nothing big became of it. That night, my wife opened her Bible, not trying to open it anywhere in particular but she opened it to the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gesthemene. She was amazed and came to share what had happened. We both agreed that maybe God was in fact trying to speak not only to me but to both of us. A couple of days later my wife turned on the radio and a minister was talking. Immidiately after she turned on the radio, the minister was preaching about Jesus in the Garden of Gesthemene.My wife said, if you're called then you better "get to it". In the moment of uncertainty, I'm in prayer of where God wants me. Please remember me and my family.Thanks,Jerry
Roland Young

Please dear Lord, May I embark on this heavenly journey called marriage. May I stay true honest loving and devoted to this women, and her be the same. May our lives be fullfilled and enriched with love and happiness. May we spend the rest of our lives in the happiness we share now. For tis I pray..Amen
michael wilson

please keep Mayor jolane cox in our prayers he have health problems right now,an my sister she haveing surgery to remove here thyroid they say it may be cancer

Please pray for me that I have the strength and knowledge to heal people that need healed. Thank you in Jesus's name. Nancy
Stephanie Stires

Please pray for me to have the strength to heal myself to help others heal them.In Jesus Christ Name. AMEN
scott ray

Please pray for my ministry. I live in North Carolina. I wish to start a small local work,a Grace Believing Church.It is and most likely will be met with much opposition, much like the Apostle Paul was.Elder Scott Raywww.GraceBeUntoYou.com

like to have prayer for my sister n dad --sister has cancer thru her head n bones---- dad has parkerson disease..... pray that i need strength to help them and also that god use me to reach other slives to save souls
Derick Saine

Open doors according to Acts 16:26 and for favor in God's eye'and man eyes

I pray for Lloyd Eddings...that he recieve a quick and fair answer and that he will be able to rejoin his family very soon. Children should not be without their father.

I need for the church to pray for my husband and family, please help with prayer that my family can heal from all our trama over years of hating and evil actions and I pray for my husband to be free of the legal problems that have plagued him and us for these many years I ask for this prayer in jesus name please..
rev. diana

please pray for all of the men and women in the milatary. that god brings them home safe,and those who dont make it here that he welcomes them home to sit with him..I would also like prayers for all the abused women and children who live this horror everyday with no help or no one to reach out their...god says let him handle it so it should be...
Mike Smith

At the Young age of 46 i have lost my wife of 20 years to heart disease and i ask for prayers to relieve my 19 year old daughter Ashleigh grief. i pray daily for her and could use a prayer from all.
Russell Beitzelt

pray that i shall have succwss un my undertakingas an ordained minister. thank you, Russ
James Gould

Pray for my heart condition.
Judah and judy and demetrius

the president
Fattorelli Barbara

Please prayer for all Us Human's Right
Caroline Doughty

aunt debbie to release her guilt over the death of my uncle sonny.

Please keep in prayer a young lady who is having a double mastectomy to prevent brest cancer that runs in her family.
Edwin W. Powell

Most Holy and Alrighteous Father, Giver of Life, Sweet Lily of the Valley, Bright and Early Morning Star, Jehovah, Jesus...I come to you with my head locked in the bows of my shoulder, leaning on your everlasting arms. Father I ask that you lean over the battements of Glory this evening and hear my humble prayer. God bring peace to this world. Heal the sick. In Your name.
Dessa Whitlow

I would like to submit a prayer request for my friend Angela Doak. She has been a survivor of breast cancer for 10 years. She has recently developed a discharge and is currently waiting for the test results to come back. Please pray that the discharge from her breast is not breast cancer. Please prayer that she is well. Thank you very much.

Please pray for my son Matthew when he was 4yrs old he was diagnosed with leukemia, he is 6 now in remission and still has 20 months left of treatment. Please pray that he continues to recover.
Ms. Shawn A. Matthews

I have lung diease and was born with heart diease,I resently found out that i may have brest cancer i am still going for further tests.Please keep me in prayer,Thank a bunch.

My girlfriend is pregnant with our first baby....And i just want her and my baby to be safe...And i want a new job....HAIL SATAN!!
Reverend Herbert Odom

please pray for my mother Robin Barfield for the doctor said it might be possiable she have cancer. please pray that the doctor might be wrong but if hes not then pray for her to recieve a healing upon our good Lord Jesus Christ.

pray for the Kelly family for their health, wealth, and all good things to come...also pray for me for a promotion or payraise in this time of need...thank you.

I want to beable to discern anothers position in life. Their problems feelings fears ect. Most of all I want the knowledge to know exactly how to help them. What to say what to do with out having them suffocate me. Meaning wanting to be my best friend as many of these dear souls are lost and staggering in deep waters As Im nearly the 1st person to talk decent to them they cling cling cling. I need to help not hinder. Thanks In the name of Jesus Amen. I need a professionallisem

Please pray for me and for our savior Jesus Christ to give me the strength to overcome the sinnful trappings of this world, so I am able to spread his word to those inflicted by the same.
Pasquale Passi

For Frank Bryant who passed this morning October 31 ,2009 may his soul and the soul of our fathfuly departed rest in peace Amen
Earnesta leftrich-fuller

my grandmother had stroke on oct01,2009 and it afected her right side so please keep hr in your prayers 100% recovery thanks for standing in th gap with my family God Bless

My friend Nanette has a 3 month old grandson whose doctors have recently discovered has a heart that is too large for his body and also misshapen. Please pray that the cardiologist finds a feasible solution to offer him a long and healthy life filled with love and happiness.
Rev. Patrick Boissinot

May God guides me in my new ministry, also O God give me enought strenght to care about every peoples in needs. Amen
Silas Butler

Mrs. Dorothy Mutembara, Her Granddaughter and The Mutembara Hope Centers In Zimbabwe.
Rev. Clarissa Hill

For the Lord to help us either find a building for worship or to build one here on our farm. I know they are just buildings. It's the Spirit of the Lord that makes us the church. But our house is just to small. And we want to stay in the will of the Lord. Pray that we will be also tender to His leading. Bless you
Dana McCollough

I have been stricken with an illness that renders me unable to go back to work and my husband and I are stugling to make are life work. Could you please pray for us? Also, I tried to watch the sermon from this website, but am having problems with the page....do you have to donate money for it to work? I was confused by this. Thank you for your time and concern. Faithfully, Dana Grace McCollough....
Ethan Irons

I pray for the health and strenght of those that are in the military. I ask for a more spirtual mindset to be more close the the Lord our God. I ask for prayer for those that are struggling with their own personal demons. Give them the strenght to overcome their addiction and allow them to think with the right state of mind. I also ask for prayer for my Pastor who is still going through some health issues. Thank you.
Kathereen Davis

For full time employment in order to substain my home
Benedict P.Ferrer

Pls.pray for the success of my application to Canada and for the immediate release of my visa.

I need a church home,And need help from the Lord and giudance.Also need a home which have everthing on one floor.

Pray that I marry soon.
Kelly McClusky

Tragedy has left me during the holidays with 3 kids to raise and no husband. I am struggling to find a job because I have been a stay at home mom my whole life. I have no job experience, I am in dire need of prayer for a job, or some extra income by chance of a miracle! I cant afford to give my kids a Christmas this year, but I am more worried with providing a roof over there heads and keeping the electric on. So I need prayer for a job, or some extra money the next couple of months til I can get on my feet. My 3 kids and I thank you for your prayers, God Bless!
pastor g.arunodayam

please pray for my pastoral ministry to reach more souls thanking you
Minister Robert H.Yeary Sr.

I would like for all saints to go down in prayer with me for the recovery of the church I go to that the Pastor and other Ministers will learn how to preach the word and let God do the conviction and quit gossiping out of the pulpit about somes life that they know personally and pray and let God give them what to preach on not what they know about someones life.That they let the Holy Spirit thru God speak for them and not themselves please every saint of God please pray this prayer with me and let the blood of Jesus cover each and everyone of us where we can live a righteous life and walk in Christ like manner I ask of these things in Jesus blessed name!!!!

Please pray for my family to reunite. It would be great.
william shaw

I need prayer i havent been to church in a while and i need jesus i need deliverance from fear
william shaw

I need a church home and direction from god about everythingelse thats happening in my life
wayne rice

Richard Glasgow

I ask that you pray For our Lord to continue His work through me, as I have received His calling. I feel that I must begin a Church in His name, and spread His word. I have felt this ever since I was spared death on April 26th 2008. I must fulfill His wishes, and I ask you pray that I do. I feel that I am frustrating, but I cannot do this alone.

Please pray for my daughter, Pray for God to open her eye's. Pray for my daughter to see that these people that are giving her drugs are not her friends. Let God open her eye's. Also pray that God opens up a good job for me opening the right doors and closing the wrong ones. Pray that God gives my son what it is he needs to get going in the right direction. He is doing good now but is having a hard time moving ahead. Lord open the right doors for mem my son and my daughter and close shut All the wrong doors. Lord put a division between all the people me and my children should stay away from. Also Lord my daugthers father is in the mob and sends alot of trouble our way. He is sending these people to my daughter to get her hooked on drugs. He is trying to seperate us becuase I dont want nothing to do with him so he's trying to ruin us. Lord seperate him and his people from me and my children and grandchildren's life. Father make a way for us to move without their help. Lord we are in need financially. Please help me lead my children in the way that is best. Amen.

Pray for God's grace in my life to lead a life that's according to his purpose and will for my life. And his grace and guidance in starting a ministry to his glory.
Rev. Misty Harris

Pray for me through my new journey with christ as an ordained minister and a servant of our LORD
Janette Krauel

I am asking for some prayers for some strength and protection for me and my family, for i am undergoing some strife towards us. i ask that there be peace in our hearts. it would be deeply appreciated. thank sincerely, Janette

Pray for me and all mankind to do more for their fellow man.

Today, I ask for prayer in asking the Lord for strength in continuing to move forward in the things I do in life. I ask for a peace of mind and pure heart. I would ask the Lord to bless my friend in whatever she is going through and fill her with the holy spirit. What over all this holiday season. Thank you and be blessed.

I pray for God to give my son strength, internal peace and to be brave as he serves his five months in prison. Help him know he is worthy of a happy productive future once he overcomes this little bump in the road. I pray he can feel the love from his friends and family while he is away.
Rev. Steven E. Aman

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ. Father, please show me the way to stability within my family. Help me to make the right decisions as a newly ordained minister Father. Father I also come to You today to ask for financial help. Father, my family need's help with bills and debt. Father if a gift could find it's way to my family would be a great blessing. Your will be done. In your Son Jesus' precious name I pray...Amen and Amen

I pray for the health of my pastor who has been Ill for some time. I pray for my friend who is continuing to battle addiction. I ask for pray for all my friends and family this holiday season. I ask for a special prayer for all of my fellow brothers and sisters who are deployed around the world who is unable to be with thier families. I ask for patience and strength and understanding. Thank you.
Pastor Kevin

Please pray for me to prosper through my ordination confirmed as of 1/2/2010. offer me the path to which i can best share my gift with those around me past0r kevin
Father keith allen

Heavenly Father, I come to u to ask u to please guide my Grandpa to the heavens above. And ask for you to watch over him and make sure he keeps playing his music that he loves. Thank U Father
Rev. Dr. Stone

My prayer is that God will allow true faith to enter into the hearts of his people. Lord please help us believe and know that you might let us down into trails and test...but you will never let us down in the trails and test!!!Help us trust you and rise above our calamities and be still and see your salvation...Amen
Susan Gibbs

I would like to request a prayer that my present health issues will soon be resolved or atleast for the pain to go away. thank you
Donald B. Anderson

I pray in asking Jesus for His strength and wisdom to go forth on His path and to carry out His work as a faithful servant. I ask the Lord to punish my enemies and all who has brought chaos and fear into my life and into my family's lives. I only seek His path of His true love and understanding, and not my own. I ask that Jesus will bring prosperity, health and His purpose into my life so that I can do the work Jesus desires me to do. Amen.
Dennis Hagan

O Heavenly father, Thank you for all your belssings of today and everyday. I thank you for my health, the lost love and family that I have found, and for your son Jesus Christ. I pray that you will help me to fulfil my goals as they are in your plan. Thank you Lord, god of hosts. Amen.

My husband has been out of work since March 2009. He has tried and tried to the point he has given up and now won't eat he says until he gets a job. He is deeply depressed. I am very worried about him. I too lost my job in August 2009 but also have Lupus and find it hard to hold down a full time job. We are both in our 50's. Please pray for a good job for him soon.
Karen York-Walker

I'm requesting prayer for my eleven year old daughter, Lindsay. Her dad committed suicide five years ago. The past couple of weeks she has been having hallucinations that she sees him and that he is going to kill her. Please pray for her to be released from this. God Bless, Karen
David R Soto

I'm requesting a prayer so i can be successful in life. thank you all for your prayer

I pray to the Lord for the strength to be the person he intended me to be. To let him take the wheel, I can't do this on my own. My children need me. Amen

Please Pray for me to stop smoking I'm having a hard time quitting Thank You

i would like to request a prayer for my daughter who have cerebal parlsey to give her strength she was put in a foster home.i want to pray that one day i will have her home with us again and be a happy famiy like we us to be because this has taken a lot from my other kids not having her home with us. thank you

I was diagnosed with gallbladder cancer back in November. The prognosis is very poor and I am told I have a short time left on earth. I believe God has more for me to do here on earth and can heal me. I am only 45 with 2 young daughers. thank you for anyone willing to pray for healing and send encouraging, positive thoughts and prayers into the atmosphere. Praise be to the Most High God for his unspeakable Grace and Who can do above and beyond what we can ask or think. Thank you Jesus. Amen
Louis Martin

Please could you pray for my Grand father, Dennis Curran. He is currently in hospital and he is not doing so well. Please could you prey and ask god to give him the strength to recover. All he wants is to be able to spend just one last year in his garden. Thank you so much. God be with you.
rev.w rice

pray for wade lee & his daughter hanna lee.hanna was in an awful car wreck.pray also that JESUS will save their souls .
Becky Henry

For healing of Lissa Kucher, she is a 33 yr.old Animal chiropractor in Princeton, Iowa. She was diagnosed with aggressive Breast Cancer. She has had 2 surgeries and undergoing Chemo. Her second treatment resulted in a cardiac arrest. She is doing ok now but is in need of a lot of prayer. I was in Iowa with her this weekend and she is very upbeat and positive, but very weak. Any and all prayer would be wonderful. Thank you, She is very dear to me, like a daughter.

I have a couple of friends that are addicted to heroin. They are both in rehab, and the woman is 9wks. pregnant. I pray for a safe & healthy child as well as safe & clean parents.
keith lewis

financial breakthrough healing annointing enlarge ministry

Good health to my pregnant daughter, other children and myself as well as rewarding properity and true love for Mom [me] Thank you, God Bless!
David Getchell

I'm trying to begin a new church at the University of Connecticut. I need prayers for that and the website devolopment. Having a website is crucial because students demand flexibility and I'm having a hard time finding a good deal for web hosting and designing.
janice &darryl ownes

would you please agree whit us about our marriage to be restored we are asking you also to a gree whit us that god remove all mountanins and stumbleing block that are keeping our marriage from being restored in jesus name
michael adach

please pray to help me and my family through these hard times and to help get us from the uk to the usa so we can enjoy the rest of our lives. i know this sounds like a simple prayer but there are many things going on in our lives that are trying to split our home and stop our quest to move to the usa
Sherri Zahand

A dear friend recently found out that she is consumed with cancer. She has chosen no treatment as the disease is very aggressive. Her husband and teenaged son are going to need God to reach down and wrap His arms around them with comfort and strength. I pray His presence in their lives will help them with their overwhelming pain. May her life be full of joy and memories of the past and have enough time and strength to make new ones. We will celebrate her life now and after she's gone home to be with our Lord.
Rev. James P. Heine

Dear Lord, Please accept our loving sister Maria Delgadillo as she entered into your arms early this morning leaving behind her family & friends in order that she would find peace, love & acceptance in your home. Thank You for your Promise of eternal life through the sacrifice of your only Son.
Prophetess Regina Monroe

May the presents and power of God in me, bless the presents and power in you bless child of God! I need your prayers to strength me now! Python and the Camellia-n spirit is rampant in my home church; deliverance is needed for these persons NOW! Enough is Enough! This is a principality spirit!!! Keep me lifted up in Yeshua's Name; In the name of the LORD, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I take Apostolic Authority over all these demonic spirits, the Blood of Jesus is against you! I curse you to the very root. You have no power, no authority, and your assignment is canceled. I command you to Go! the lake of fire of no returned in Jesus name!!! in Jesus name, in Jesus name Amen

I'm requesting prayer for strength in faith. Dealing with a chronic health condition, martial issues, and to keep God as my guiding light through these trials and tribulations. I pray for all requesting prayers and also I pray for GOD I know he is bigger than we ever can comprehend but my my heart and soul prays to and for him.
Rev. Mary Mondello

I am in a family and personal crisis. I was renting out my parents home while they were in a retirement home. They are 88 and 83. During the year they were hospitalized many times with different prolbems. My Father's memeory is deteriorating, and his has been in hospital for a month now with several problems. My sisters have decided to kick me out and bring thiem back home alone, because that is what they want. In the midst of this, I lost my job, was denied unemployment, and my marriage is on the rocks. They have now decided that they are not going to

Heavenly Father, we come before you to honor you, to glorify you and to praise you because you are an awesome God!!! Father God, we know that we are only here today because of your grace and mercy, we give thanks unto you!! Beloved, we ask you in the name of Jesus, for a financial breakthrough!!! We know that you are the one that gives us the ability to produce wealth, we know that you are a provider, we know that Jesus came, died and rose on the third day, so that we may have life and have it more abundantly!!! Father God, we give thanks to you in advance for debt cancellation, surpise checks in the mail, divine provision and an overflow in our finances. We pray this prayer in faith and with great expectation, in Jesus name, Amen!!!

Pray for God to bring my family together in love and support of each other. Also, pray for God to grant us prosperity even in the bad times. Let your will be done Lord.
Edoardo Conti

Please let me be Peter North God

Please remember my Fiance Chris, he needs Gods strenth to help fight his addiction to alcohol. He is a good spiritual man, but tries to escape his sorrows of a broken 10 year marriage and the separation from his kids in the bottle. I have watched this grow worse over the 6 years we have been together and has caused so many problems that he is blind to. Please Pray God opens his eyes to the path he is meant to be on. Thank you so much
Denise Johnson

For my son josh ,he is having seizures and health problems,,and for me i have fibromyalgia and bad back,,,,,thank you
adam cowie

Dear holy father, forgive those who have transgressed from thy holy word, and forgive those who repent, for they seek forgiveness from thee, mighty father, and wish to be made one with the curch.

Please pray for my application for ordination be approved. There is so much good I would like to do, good people Ive seen the church refuse that I want desperately to help... I have struggled with my faith all my life, but I think I have finally found what God has meant for me to do.
Rev. Shonda Crumbley

Request a prayer for my mother, she is very ill and has been given a short time to live.
The Bowen Family

Please keep me and my family in your prayers. We have been through so much and God truly has been so good to us. We realize that the signs of the times are visible everywhere. We are getting our house in order and waiting on Jesus. Please pray for our strength and His continued grace on us all.
wendy taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus heal my dad billy taylor now completely leaving nothing termiate the spirit of infirmity completely now in everyway leaving nothing out by jesus's stripes billy taylor completey he sent his word & healed billy taylor completely affliction shall not arise a 2nd time billy taylor shall not die but live & declare the works of the lord & jesus said it is finished we agree we decree & declare it to be done now in the name of jesus jesus please do this now behold i am the lord the god of all flesh is there anything too hard for me? in jesus name amen
Rev. James Heine

Dear Heavenly Father, Hear this prayer in the name of our sister in your christian domain. Please help Lorraine Beck to overcome the cancer that has invaded her body and help to return her to health and complete the full life that you have given her.
Rev. James Heine

Dear Heavenly Father, We offer a prayer for a new soul that has entered the world you have given us. Hear this prayer in the name of Benjamin Arnold Laabs. Born on March 5, 2010. We pray that he has a full and bountiful life according to your plan.
Anna Marie Dean-Gallagher

Please pray for my mother in-law Catherine Tobin-Gallagher as she has colon cancer and is having a hard time right now. She is a devoted catholic. Please pray with me that she starts to feel better and not to suffer. I truly believe in the power of prayer. Sincerely yours, Mrs. Anna Marie Dean-Gallagher, soon to be Ordiane in your church.

Father God, I come before you at this very moment to thank you and glorify you not because of what you do but because of who you are. Father God,I know that you are the Alpha and Omega, and that all things Great and Perfect comes from you. Beloved Father, I pray for Maureen who's been having a hard time finding work, I ask you to touch her where she is right now and bless her with a sense of direction. I know you have a plan for her life, plans to prosper her, to gve her hope and a future. I know what she's experiencing is only for a season, but Lord, I ask you to give her the strength to keep holding on. I speak against the spirit of depression and discouragement, In the name of Jesus. I know that through you, all things are possible!!!! Father God, I ASK YOU TO MAKE A WAY!!!!! In the precious name of Jesus, we pray, Amen!!
Reverend Nicole Goodwin

My son has recently been diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder. I ask that you pray for him and his condition. God Bless.
wendy taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus please dont let my dad billy taylor die please heal him & let him live a long healthy life serving you & the kingdom of god by jesus's stripes billy taylor is completely healed he sent his word & healed billy taylor completely affliction shall not arise a 2nd time billy taylor shall not die but live & declare the works of the lord & jesus said it is finished behold i am the lord the god of all flesh is there anything too hard for me? call unto me & i will answer thee & shew thee great & mighty things which thou knowest not greater is he thats in me than he thats in the world if god be for billy taylor who can be against billy taylor the lord shall fight for billy taylor & he shall hold his peace i send your word into billy taylor continously & everywhere you desire it to go for him continously you promised me jesus i believe that you will heal my dad now completely please do it for him & for me now enough is enough jesus pray for my dad to be miracelously healed by you & the manifestation of it to come forth into him now completely you can do anything nothing is too hard for you i am speaking to the mountain the spirit of infirmity & command it to be gone from my dad billy taylor now forever & for billy taylor to live & declare the works of the lord & jesus said it is finished i know you have a plan for my dad & i dont know what it is only you know i know that i love you lord & i know i have used my faith & i believe you can heal my dad now in the bible when you healed people you said all they had to do was ask & to believe i have done that over & over again please jesus save my dad his soul & his life please jesus do this for me help my dad jesus heal my dad completely now jesus please hear answer & do this now for me i love you very much in jesus name amen
Daniel Silva

I ask for prayers concerning my ordination into the ministry. I take the oath of preaching God's word with the utmost sobriety and seriousness. I realize this is a major assignment by God and really need His help in being able to serve those around me. Thank you for your prayers and support. Dan Silva

Heavenly Father, we come together in the presence ot your son, Jesus Christ, to honor you, to give you all our praise and glory because you are an AWESOME GOD!!! I know that it is only by your perfect grace and mercy that we are here today. My beloved father in heaven, I pray for everyone on here that requested a prayer for healing, whether it is for them, a relative or close friend, Father God, we know that you are a healer!!! Father God we know with one word, our minds can be healed, our bodies can be delievered, our disorders and diseases can immediately vanish, so we put all our faith and hope in you, please make a way. Father God, we don't go by the word of the doctors, we don't go by the word of the reports, we go by your word and we're believing that what ever circumstances we may be struggling in, Father God you have the power and authority to TURN THEM AROUND!!!! In The Name Of Your Precious Lamb,Jesus, we pray and wait in faith, AMEN!!

I would appreciate prayers that I may become employed once more. I have a degree and have been out of work five very long years now. I have no hope and am seriously depressed. I don't want to live anymore.

Please pray for my mother, Mary, as she travels to Haiti on a medical mission. She has a progressive lung disease, but her compassion cannot be constrained by the flesh. Please pray for her safety and healing, and the safety of her companions and those she serves.

When I was a kid this group of bikers took me for 2 years. Now someone affiliated with this same group has talked my daugter into moving into his house taking my grandchildren to live there. This is very tormenting to me. I have never turned them into the athorities for this and wasn't planning on it but now that my grandchildren are under their roof this is just to much to bear. My daughter wont beleive me that this is who they were. Please pray that God will quickly remove them permently from this house and this association forever. I dont know what else to do but contact the athorities now over this. Please pray for their removal from this place, it would put danger upon my family turning them in but I'm not going to stand by and let them take my daugther and grandchildren. Please pray. Lord your will be done.
Reverend Keith Allen Farmer

I ask that you pray for me and my lifelong friend, Reverend Daniel Nalor. I am planning on moving from Kilgore, Texas to Altoona, Alabama to start a church with him. It will take me time to save up the money, but through God's grace I will be there before September of 2010. Pray that Christ keeps his hand over me and my ministry, as well as my friend Daniel.
Rev. Kenneth Paull

That GOD will lead me in my path of preaching GOdsS divined word so i can be a fisher of men bring men and women back to GOD for this i pray amen
Rev Keneth Paull

Father God I come before u to pray for Muareen I asked in your name that the sprit of depressed and discouragement be gone from her right now and u will fill your heart with hope and that her faith in u grows i asked this in in your name jesus i asked that you lead her in the path that God has planned for I pray the blood of jesus over her so she will grow in his love i pray this lord jesus amen
Rev. Kenneth Paull

Father God you said in your word that when ever two comes in your name it shell be done so i asked in your name that billy taylor be healed i pray the blood of jesus over him that he shell be healed Amen
Rev. Joe Manis

Holy Father God I pray that you will guide me on my path into ministry its in the Holy name of Jesus I pray amen. I request that all people of faith that read this would pray for this for me as well. thank you and my God bless you endlessly.
April Denise Entrieri

Please help me pray that Jasmine's family opens their hearts and stops all the hurtful fighting and join together to celebrate their wedding. Please let her sister see how much she is hurting jasmine and help her to be humble and apologize and join in this happy occasion.
crystal annette goddard

please pray that crystal annette goddard in dublin,ohio will be healed physically,spiritually,emotionally,and financially and that she will receive a financial blessing.
Chaplain Debby St.Pierre

My dear sister in law who has suffered from breast and ovaian cancer, now is facing her 3rd bout of cancer. She has been off of chemo for only 3 months, and with in that time period the cancer has returned. Would you please keep her in prayer, I know she has strong family, however her desire to continue chemo and surgery is very low. Thank you, Blessing to all, Debby
Rev. David Smith

Heavenly Father, I ask that you give onto those your promise salvation and never leave those that need you most. I pray lord for this hurting world that you comfort those souls in need. Bless all the Messengers of your gospel that others may find a refuge and shelter in your word,let the Ministers of your word remember not to be to
rev.diana frailey

please in gods name pray for the family of sharon york,of ct. her brother inlaw just had a massive heartattack her sons ran away her husband lost his job they need so much prayer I ask this in gods holy name..
Angela Lewis

I pray tonight for all my family and friends that me so much to me. I pray for all the people out in the world who are going through good and bad times. I pray for the people who have been abused, who have lost someone special in their life, who have know where to live due to any reason it is, who have no one to love or take care of in their life and i pray for anything that i may of left out. I pray to have a long and happy life and for my family to also. I pray for you God for all the good you have done for everyone. Amen
daughter of God

yes God is good!! we are praying for our fist house ever ,we need a very large house but our saving is saying something different, our family is large and a small house is not exceptable. prayer changes things so will you pray much with and for us please ? we never met but God knows who you are so we send out prayers for all of you stay encouraged.

praise!the Lord.My prayer is that my husband will return back to work he has been layed off for some time now,I have a small catering sevice just trying to get it started,I only had afew job's please pray for us. But most of all!! I pray that God would bless me the more to be about my fathers business, a fisher of men.Love you all in Christ Name thankyou.

I'm asking prayer for my seven children my huband and self. please pray for the catering business that I,m trying to start.
Adrienne Nixon

Please pray for my health, saving my home, and money blessings. Also please pray for my two sons Marcus and Richard. Also strength to guide me onto the right path to ministry in jesus name.
Rev. David Smith

Heavenly Father, We thank you for all that we have, and for all that we have not,we deserve nothing but accept these graces in the name of Jesus.Forgive us our sins lord and lead us to do your will and not our own,for by your hands we commend all good works and proclaim it in your name.Forgive those that try to diminish our spirit and break our faith with you lord God,Bless them and have mercy upon them for they are lost souls as stray sheep from the heard. I ask Lord that you lay hands upon them and let them realize your love and good works. Use me as your instrument of your message Lord; and be us ever mindful that you are in total control of all..... Amen!.
Michele Garcia

Holy Father, please keep us in your Graces, continue to watch over us and give us your guidance in our daily lives.

please pray for my friend beth and her family so that she will be able to get out of her apartment and get a home so that she can start a ministry of her won. she will be homeless soon and it looks unwell for her. she helps so very many people that i cannot state all of her good. she has to deal with slumlords and alot of bad people but she still keeps up her faith. her name is coreen beth morey and she lives at 41 vanderveer street, amsterdam,ny 12010. will someone send her words of encouagement too? she needs alot of help here and had to go on welfare after losing her job. she wants to get off of it so bad that she is taking cleaning jobs as well as becoming a minister of your church where she asks for nothing bnut to minister to others with faith and love. thank you so much. norma baylor
Rev. Paul Bulle Sr.

My middle son (stephen) had a heart transplant when he was 13. He passed away Nov.2005 when he was 23. I pray for him almost everyday. He had a good and gental soul. Join me in praying for him now please. Thank you so very much and god bless you all.
Rev. Robert M. Eubanks

In the name of the Heavenly Father, I pray that mercy be shown to the mother of my best friend's children who is presently in jail awaiting her court date. She has two children, ages 2 months and 2 years who miss her terribly. I pray that through this experience, she finds the strength and will to follow the path that will provide an example or her children. I pray that mercy be shown so that she can return to her children so that they may find the peace of mind they seek. Amen.

praised the Lord! I'm asking for prayer,I need employment.Please pray,others are depending on some assistances from me.my busisness has not yet ,begain to advance thankyou .
teri garcia

as many other americans, i too am on the verge of losing my home to foreclosure. the time has been difficult both financially as well as emotionally. i ask that God help me in these trying times. I pray that he has something great planned for me soon. please keep me in your prayers.
Rev. Leonard Kanatsky

My wife and I are in the process of starting a new church and would welcome the thoughts and prayers of the congregation. Please pray that God will be honored by our actions and that we, with Gods help will be able to have a possititve impact on our community. Thank you and God Bless!

I want God to help me financially so I can keep my home, make a porch for it and fence. I want to finish my college and get a good job to pay for the things I need. I want my son to go to college like he wants to with a scholarship to help pay for it. I want my two daughters to get married like I want to.
Chris Woodall

Yestarday in Hull, England a man named Alexander Spence was found dead after being missing for several weeks. He left behind a wife and 2 children. Please join me in prayer for his family and friends and his safe journey to our lord. Thank you all and God bless.
Jared Takeuchi

I thank you God for blessing me and my family with the comforting knowledge that all of my prayers have already been answered even before I have asked. I thank you for blessing me with peace, the power of healing, and the ability to love unconditionally. I lastly thank you for guiding me to my journey of experiencing the grandest version of me. With love, Jared Koichi Takeuchi
Sherry Paris

Please pray for comfort and calmness for my neice's husband, Roger DeMoss. He has stage 4 cancer that has consumed his body. He found out the medical confirmation last week. Please pray for my neice Teresa as well. Neither believe there is a God. Prayer for their souls and heavy hearts.

Michael Smith

I really need a job.

I need prayer for me and my hisband we've been married for over thirty some years.But its been hard he,head strong and verabley mean. he has do contact in our home other then ,speaking what on he mind. sometime small talk,hes in the church but I dont think the church is in him. please pray for us.
Mindy Aki

please pray for myself and my husband for our jobs to be blessed and protected during these very hard and trying times. please also pray for my daughter to get financial blessings to go to college.
Mindy Aki

please pray for myself and my husband for our jobs to be blessed and protected during these very hard and trying times. please also pray for my daughter to get financial blessings to go to college.

Please pray for me and my finance Mr Darrell B. Rowell , that we are restored in love, peace, blessings and that our marriage will be a example of God Blessings. Please pray that no women, man, or lust or evil will win over us and that we are covered in the blood of Jesus. Amem

pray for good friends, i need a healing from gastritis, deliverance from psychiatry and pills, healing of the brain, finances, anger removed from my life, material blessings, and divine protection, and health
REV. Daniel Woodard

On 05/03/10 one my my best friends' mother passed after a long battle with cancer. Please pray for the family in the name of the father, son and holy spirit.
Heidi Rowe

Please pray for my sister Jill , she is going through cancer treatment and is struggling, pray for her health and peace of mind. The rest of my family are struggling with the world before them. Please pray for patience for them. Thank you
Robin Stocker

Please pray that our brother Brent is healed and able to return to his life. And pray that he has a fruitful life when healed
Joshua Libby

My family and i are at a cross roads it seems. i need work and or money for the family. my wife and 2 girls a 1 boy all under 5. but all i want to do is serve God and fight the Devil on and in this world. we're close to loseing all we have fought for till now and be able to stay together and, or, keep our children. so anything that God can or will do that I and or us can perform or render would help. thank you all ,And we hope all your needs that be right to and for God be meet.
Rev. Trav

Jesus our Father & Saviour, Please provide guidance, support, healing, & your love Good Lord for guiding our newest Sister Rev. Debra to the Church. Amen to All, Rev. Trav

Pray for my family and I. Our family is completely torn apart and financially distressed. Pray if God doesn't want my marriage to be restored then he would take the hope of it out of my heart forever and place within me what is his will for me. Pray for my son and daugther and grandchildren that he will put a bond between us that no one can break.Pray for me to know God's will for my life and the same for my children.
Elsie Stokes-Sandozz

I request prayer for myself as well as my family in our time of bereavement
Diane Zarifis-Navas (Rev.)

Please keep our family in prayer because of loss of work and hardship.. pray the Lords blessing and grace be upon us. Thank you.
Harold N. Stinnette

My wife is dying, she has a bad heart (triple bypass), and a lot of strokes. Now she has a brain tumor, its not growing but her doctor says her brain doesn't look good. She won't help herself, so I need others to help her. I pray for her all the time, in hopes that the good Lord will help her heal. I feel I'm not strong enough to do this on my own. So if I can get us all praying for her, she might have a chance. God bless us all, Amen Minister Harold
Harold N. Stinnette

I just sent in a request to pray for my wife. I doesn't stop there, I have a terminal liver desease, but I'm OK the doctors say I have about 5 years to live, I have an Angel on my shoulder and the Lord in my heart, but please help Brenda my wife.
Amanda Roberts

Please pray for my family as we cope with my grandmother Pat's passing. It has been very hard on all of us, and we need all the help that we can get to get through these next few days! Please give me the strength that I need to be a good sister, aunt, daughter and granddaughter to my family in this sad time.

I am requesting a prayer, not for myself or my family or those that I love.... I am requesting a prayer for those who are being affected by the awful oil spill, the disasterous hurricanes and tornados, and those men and women who have left their families behind to fight for and protect our great country. I ask God every day to help me and my loved ones but there are others who are worse off and WE need to pray for first and put before OUR own wants and needs.

I am at a point in my life where I need help and love in a way that I have never had it before. I really want to be independent and secure. I ask that God help me to love myself and others more and more each day. I ask to be granted with strength and understanding. I want to live up to my fullest potential. I ask for confidence with in myself to go out a do the wonderful things that I know I can do. I also am thankful for the house that I have at this very moment and all the opportunities that I have been granted with. I am thankful to have my health and the people in my life that love me. I am so very thankful for the lessons that I am continuing to learn everyday. I am thankful for this life and how I am taken care of by this wonderful entity that I know is there but do not see. I am thankful for the knowledge and power that I have with in me. I am thankful for this very moment that I am reaching out to the world asking for their prayer and help and in the long run I will be able to reach out and give a great hand back to those in need because I know understand what it is like to really feel as if there is not hope and within that feeling I have found my faith deep with in me because it really is all that I have at this moment, and to be in this moment is a gift and within that gift I have found the power and answer inside of me. Please give me the strength and push that is within me while keeping me humble, loving, and forgiving.

lord, please keep my sister and her boyfriend safe and give to them as they have given unto me. amen
Diana Bryant

I have a hearing on June 30, 2010, To go before the Workers Compensation Board with my Attorney Mr. Clay. I was injuried on March 19, 2010 and the employer Metro Transit Authority In Houston, Tx., denied my workers compensation pay, and the hearing is were the final decision is being made, and I am asking that you pray with me as GOD and I get ready for this hearing. And it isn't over until GOD say it is Over. So please pray with me Because I already know that I will be a Winner because GOD said so. Thank You, GOD BLESS YOU
Gary Hinrichs

Dear God my family is very poor and we need a gigantic amount of money to help us purchase a new home, new cars, and to have thousands of dollars in our savings and checking accounts for the rest of our lives. My wife & I are both disabled and can not work, we have a almost 5yr old son who has yet to talk, no one knows why? My prayer may sound selfish but they are truly needed. I am 52, wife is 31 she has two children from her first marriage and we want them back home with us. Anita is 14 and Devon is 12 and they also live in poverty with their father who took the kids away from my wife when she was just 17, he left her for her best friend and they got married with in months took my wife(Bobi Jo)to court and Bobi was homeless at the time. We have moved 100miles to be next to her kids and we have been fighting for them for the last six years. Although the court agrees that Bobi could have joint custody the kids are being abused in ways I can not and do not want to say. My prayer in short is to receive every thing written above. In Jesus name, Amen and Amen
Michelle Caron

I am asking that you pray I am able to find a job that is better paying and has better benefits. I am asking that you pray that my family stays safe and that only good things come our way.

Pray for God to open my daugther and son's eye's. Pray God will put conviction within their hearts so they will turn to God. Pray for our family and my marriage to be restored.
REV. Garry Pennington

Please pray for newborn Hayle in Riley childrens hospitol indianapolis in. she was born with an extra heart valve and a hole in her heart. Faith will prevail and we could use as many prayers as we can send up. She will be going thru alot in the coming weeks and needs Gods hand to hold and guide her. Thank You All and may God Bless

Dear God, Please help me find a full time job with benefits so I do not have to worry about not having insurance coverage in case of a diabetic attack. Thank You

Please pray for God to send a finanical blessing my way. My utitilies is about to be shut off. I dont know what I'm going to do.

Thank you Lord for another beautiful day. Please let my family and friends find the same happiness i see every day now.
Rev. Melvin Don Sams

I would like to ask for a Special Prayer for my cousin who lives in Oklahoma. He owns a Horse Ranch and Teaches folks on all aspects about owning a horse. He asked yesterday for me to help him keep old Satan back while he tries to open up a Cowboy Ministeries there on the Ranch. He wrote it seems like when he moves ahead in this, Satan gets in the way with something to throw him off course. He see's many folks during the year and they all know his Love for God and enjoy it when he starts every session with a prayer and a message about God. So Please join me in Praying for him that all will work out for him in this new Cowboy Church ! Rev. Melvin Don Sams

Thank you god for letting me get the full time job with benefits soo soon after coming to this place. thank you for my family and friends and all your gifts, food, shelter, health and all the critters.
wendy taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus help me in everyway you know everything that i am going through please pray for me in everyway & give me the total victory in all of this mess with my brother betty bob harris cynthia stephens happy hour defax phillip attorney sherry herra campbell the person @ walmart that made the complaint with the police dept which was lies you know everything & everyone involved also almond twe i release it all into your hands including the judge my attorney mike long the attorney they are bringing in wayne yancey you know it all lord please help me i am your annointed lord & i have clean hands & a pure heart in all of this you said revenge is mine saith the lord i will repay do not touch my annointed & do my prophets no harm the lord shall fight for me & i shall hold my peace the lord is my rock my fortress my deliver my god my strength in whom i will trust you said if the theif be caught he has to give back 7 fold i want it all back & give me as much back as you desire i dont put any limits on you but i know @ least 7 fold is coming back i want interest i want it in everyway take it from the devil in everyway you desire dont let them ever touch philllips ss check & never let them know how much it is for its none of their business stand there guarding it in everyway stand there guarding the bus route with happy hour never let it be changed for them in anyway & stand there guarding my relationship with kim keep her on my said as well as mike dustin tyler carson & jimmy ivie let the harris finally be exposed in everyway you desire to them the judge phillips attorney wayne yancey mike long cynthia stephens let her also be exposed i pray lord that you fire her from her job & never let her work for the state again happy hour service center all parties involved everyone you desire including phillip's pastor & church you are in control of all of this & everything lord you know the winning strategy the way to it all work through my attorny dont let him miss anything & get him to pursue it all leaving nothing out i want justice lord justice with my enemies because they are not fighting me lord they are fighting you the devil cant beat you lord you always win move mightily for me in everyway leaving nothing out greater is he thats in me than he thats in the world help me lord in everyway pray for me lord in everyway my brother needs to be with me lord i am the best person for him he is my brother he dont belong to them lord nothing of my dads b elongs to them lord dont let them get nothing now or ever behold i am the lord the god of all flesh is there anything too hard for me? call unto me & i will answer thee & shew thee great & mighty things which thou knowest not i release it lord to you the lord is my shepherd i shall not want you are a warrior god you are mighty lord no one has more power than you god you are god all by yourself & you are god in my situation have your way god i want to see what you are going to do because the battle is the lord's this aint my battle its yours lord they are fighting against you lord they can not win victory is mine saith the lord i love you in jesus name amen

My daughter has asked for prayer concerning a decision she has to make. She asks for God to let her know what to do. I pray that God touch her in a way that she knows that she knows. Also, pray for my son that God will deliver him from drugs. Pray for God to lead both of them in the way they need to go.
Chaplain Debby St.Pierre

Please pray for God's comfort, and his will for Erma. She has a mass in a breast, seeing a doctor today.

My 4 year old nephew has MS and seizures and is having a bad time with his MS. Also I have Lupus and I have a bad infection in my leg and I'll be finding out on Friday if I'm going to loose my leg. I'm not scared but at the same time I can't affored to be away from my family for a long time. I also have a niece who's 7 who has seizures..
Rev. Jeffrey Montes

Father God, I would like to pray for you to help brother jerry find you and, I would like to pray for morgan to accept you as her savior and forgive her for her sins and help free her of addiction.I would also like you to help the family of allyson Kafka in the grieving process of there perished child and I pray that you take her in your loving arms and welcome her in the gates of heaven. At last please help Lynn Levin recover safely for her surgery and help her feel better about herself. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen Anyone who reads this please remember to keep the people listed above in your prayers and in your hearts.

Please pray for BJ Hardman to get better, has a live threatening illness. It is an amune deficiancy illness and he has been in the hospital for in and out for the last month.

pray that my grandson being born in sept. is healthy.pray that my biopsy for cancer is negative , and that the cancer i had doesn't return. pray my brother is well and my son quits smoking and if i die he has strength from your prayers. take care of my family if i should die from the cancer Lord Jesus give me strength protect me let me be with my grand son for awhile before u take me home . let me love him
Marcia Blackman

Please pray for my husband he has been ill treating me since Sunday he throw alcohol in my eyes he told me to move out I am three months pregnant and he is sayin he dont want any baby i really love my husband i need him to change plus he is involve with another woman

Please pray for me i have been feeling sick for the past five days lost of appetite and loosing a lot of blood
Marge Lienhard

I would like a prayer for my neighbor Jaxon Ernst who just found out that a clump of arteries and veins in his brain may rupture at any time. He is most worried about his family, having a lovely wife, a three year old daughter and a brand new son. He is a good man, works hard and focuses on him family and God. Thank you.

Dear Lord God in Heaven, Please forive me of my sins, oh Lord, for I know I am a sinner. Lord God, please keep my graandson safe from harm and from the powers who are trying to convict him of crimes he did not commit. Please keep the family safe and let there be happiness instead of sorrow. Thank you Lord for your bleassings.
Pastor Caroline Doughty

Please help guide Troy on his path, his journey, and to do his and Gods will for himself. Thank you so very much.
Mary Anne Schneider

My father is 89 and has lived with us for almost 5 years. He has Alzheimers and a severe infection and edema in his leg. Please pray for his recovery and most importantly his strength to return so he can walk again. Thank you with all our hearts. The Schneider Family
Jermaine Allen


i'd like to request prayers for Pastor Travis Burleigh Stevenson as he is awaiting a diagnosis. Please send love and prayers to this fellow brother of the ministry. powerinprayer
james c

pray that i can get off and stay off drugs. i would like to become ordained but i hsve to shake this addiction frist so please send one up for me. i would like to become part of the solution and not the problem. help me

Christopher Raymo

Dear brothers and sisters. Please pray for my daughter Caydee (8 next mounth). She was living in an unsafe, unhealthy environment. 'Sad story'. But God blessed her and I, including my wife and son by awarding me temp custudy. She has been so happy with us and loves her new school - gets 100's on all her work except for one 94! On Oct 19, 9:30am her mother and I go back to court to determine who gets physical custudy from then on. Please pray the judge will see through her mothers lies and give my daughter what she wants. To stay here in a Safe, Christ based family home. Thank you and may God bless you for your prayer for Justice!
rev. william j willis

asking for my sister and her boyfriend to help them in this time of sorrow and give them the power to over come what they have in front of them. thank you

I need a job ASAP! Thankyou & God Bless

My mother, Amber, has been sick with Sarcoid for six years. It has never gone into remission. It's currently at the more fatal stages, attacking her heart and lungs as well as many other places on her body. Her specialists are not expecting her to live much longer. She needs prayers of love and healing. She is starting a new infusion the 24th of August. Let us prayer for her in hopes that this medication will work for her so she may have not months but years to watch her grandchildren grow. All prayers are greatly appreciated.

I am pregnant and pray that all my labs and blood tests come back okay! I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, my savior!

Please dear God, thru your intervention help my girlfriend and love to stop smoking.I fear I am going to lose her. Please help her quit as soon as possible before it is too late.
Rev. Francesca Pignitor

Please bless and protect my family and friends during the upcoming holiday season.
Alona Brown

Please pray for my daughter that she don't lose the baby that she is carrying, she is about two months. The doctor going to do two more blood testes to see what they need to do, I beleive in the power of pray and I know God knows best, i beleive every thing is going to be ok...Thank for all that is pray for my daughter Latoya
John L Chandler

Pray for the United States, the voters, and the elected representatives in the coming election.

Father God thankyou for the many blessings in my life ,I pray you will mould me in your ways and draw me closer to you.I also pray for Rev.Douglas as he prepares the lessons and sermons for his members let them bring honor and glory to your Holy Name.In Christ Name I Pray Amen
Sean Weis

Please pray for the men and women of the armed forces. Especially those of the 4-3 BSTB currently deployed to Iraq. We are teaching the Iraqi people may skills and are spreading the word of god at the same time.
Justin Lee Scott

As I pray for you pray that this ministry we started is far reaching.
Jeffrey Mitchell

Please pray that the Grace of God will find my family in its hour of need, After losing our home to a fire earlier this afternoon. Our faith has kept us safe and God has delivered us safely to shelter for tonight. Pray His Grace and Love may continue, and may our faith be ever strong.

I pray for PKH that he can feel the love of Jesus in his heart and that he be lead to right livleyhood and is able to over come his fear of intimacy.

My husband has huntington's disease, please lord, help us both through this trying time. Please watch over him and make him safe.
robert hill

please pray for my father-in-law who is in need of a liver transplant soon, he has cancer of the liver, and needs a transplant.. GOD bless everyone
Gail Wessman

Please pray for me as I have been unemployed for a year.
pearl berna adams

I want me and my husband to become financially situated and I want to exend our family with me having a beautiful baby.

Could you help me pray for the reconciliaton of my relationship with the father of my daughter. his name is Abongile he has gone asstry he now drinks does fonification he neglects his child.Ineed help in breaking generational cureses in both our lives.Iwou;d not like to see our daughter grow up in a single parent home not knowing her father.Ialso rebuke the spirit of laziness in his life and pray he finds a job

please pray for my mother tiny , to have peace and happiness in her life.and financial breakthrough so she can have a house.
First Name anna


Father God I thank you for another day.I pray you would touch Jerrys heart as he searches for your Truth.May you open his eyes and bless him Lord.Thank You for another opportunity to talk about The Gospel with another soul.In Jesus Name I Pray Amen
Stephanie Hill

I would like to have a prayer done for my Grandfather who is in the hospital here in Fontana,Ca. He is very sick and he is critical in the CCU unit.
Rev. John Nichols

i had a young lady approach me at work who wanted prayer for her Uncle John Stewart, he had collapased, they had to lower his core body temp and as of yesterday she had seen him in sort of a frozen state. As of right now he is listed in stable condition.

Father in Heaven I pray all my brothers and sisters at U.M. who have health issues and their family members with any issues they may have,I thank you God for this ministry and mine as well. I ask you to be with Rev.Douglas and his family, may you Father continue to bless all of us and count us worthy when your Son returns for His sheep,IT IS IN CHRIST NAME I PRAY AMEN
Tina Marie

Lord. I want to pray for my grandmother, who is ill, but still give orders to us like crazy, and, pray for my family for their needs and desires. I also want to pray for our men and women in the military, especially my best friend who I lost touch over a year ago. I miss you.
Rev Matthew Wampler

I am new to the site but studied at William Tyndale. And CBC and decided that I'm tiring of the restrictive box that man puts God in. Thus I became ordained through this site wich I am grateful for and will begin to tithe to regularly. My wife and I lost our jobs and have been out of work for a while. Last week the Car broke down and the state closed out our healthcare and foodstamp card. Depression is trying to work on me and I'm growing weak. By the grace of God would u pray for us to strengthen our faith and see us through dessert. He began a good work and I'm confident he will carry it on to completion untilled that day. Thank you. Rev Matt Wampler

Father God I Thank You for another day,Praise your Holy Name!I pray for all my new Brothers and Sisters here at U.M,may all of their ministries what ever they may be.I pray that they would bring Honor and Glory to your Holy Name.In Christs Name I Pray Amen.
Mark Thompson

It is my dream, quest, fate to very soon move to the Philippines to help the people of that country by providing employment, spiritual guidance, and goodwill in the area I will be living. Helping the people around me will give me great happiness. And my God will live the experience through me as me. I pray that my beloved Spirit Guide, and God are now in the process of delivering the abundance that I will need to carry out my noble Life Purpose. I am that. So be it. Amen

Father in heaven I pray for every ministry proclaiming your Truth.I thank your for your son.I pray that your hand would remain on me and others doing your work,I pray for those who do not know you,I ask they would be touched in someway.In Christs Name I Pray
First Name anna


I ask for a prayer as I venture to start my own Christian Minisrty.I ask for understanding,knowledge,wisdom.Also divine assistance in obtaining the credentials needed for this.I also would like to say thank you for Rev.Douglas Ministry and ask for his spiritual needs,physical needs and financial needs to be met in order to keep his Ministry going.I hope to keep in contact as you grow and I as well.I ask for guidance as I prepare sermons for the future and prayer.Thank You Rev.Douglas
Thomas Minck

My friends eight year old little boy was brutally murdered in Wellsburg WV. He is very shaken and losing faith. He went as far to burn a bible. I think this is a sign that he knows God is real but he is angry because he has prayed everyday for his sons safety. I am asking for prayer for his recovery. He is talking about suicide.
Rev. K

Pray for my ordination with this Ministry to be good in Oregon. For my Brother and Sisters Wedding next sept. Praise the Lord Thank You Rev. K

Please pray for my grandmother she is suffering from stage 4 lung cancer. Also they found a spot on her neck which is causing her to be in alot of pain. Im praying for a miricle. Please help and pray for her. Thank you! Steph

I would like to ask for help to gain the finances needed to start my new career. Thank you.

Father in Heaven thankyou for leading my brother back to you.Also my daughter recieving you as her Savior.Thank You for allowing me to spread your Word.Use me as you see fit Lord God.Thank you for all the recent prayers at U.M. I pray you would continue to bless Rev.Douglas and his ministry and those who are starting theirs.I pray for The U.M. Family past,present and future continue to grow them.Thank You for Son IN CHRIST NAME I PRAY AMEN

This Prayer is dedicated to Rev.Matthew Wampler,Father God I come before you tonight with thanksgiving for another Brother and Sister joining U.M.may you bless them ,guide them ,keep and love them and mould them.Help them as they begin their ministry.May they bring honor and glory to your Holy Name.I am thankful for a Brother such as Rev.Matthew who has seen how institutions have undermind your Supreme Authourity as The Creator of All.As Jesus Christ said in John15:16(you have not chosen me,but I have chosen you and ordained you)No school or facility can choose whom you already have Father,continue to Bless Rev.Douglas for the awesome work he is doing at U.M.It is in Your Sons Holy Name I Pray,Amen.
Wendy taylor

Dear lord forgive me of all my sins Jesus I was suppose to pray today @3:30pm for my church I forgot I am praying now for 3 things my pastor wants us to pray for and I am in agreement #1 god we want more of your power #2 we want to obey the revelation god has shown us #3 the tribute is coming to our church Wednesday night of this week have your way lord pour out your power glory and spirit move mightily in everything and in this prayer continuously I love u lord very much u are awesome all the time in Jesus name keep praying this prayer for me holy spirit go back to 3:30pm today and pray this prayer for me for 30 minutes fill in the gap for me be still and know that I am god hallulah
Iris Rodgerson

I need a prayer for myself and daughter Destiny , that nothing either physical, mental or spiritual can separate us especially someone abusing their legal powers to do us harm, Last year my 5 year old was out sick from school on several occasions I guess it exceeded their 20 day limit, just that my daughter was truly ill and I have shown them Dr's notes too back me up and eventually found out Asthma was the culprit, ever since she is being treated she has been in school consistent but they still filed educational neglect on me, so please pray for me that that this gets closed and it gets over I m a wonderful mom and give my daughter my fullest undivided care and attention and i frankly feel insulted, I just want them to go and leave us alone. Please pray that I may never be separated from my daughter, it is bad enough that my daughter at 5 years of age worries about me dying on a daily basis and what would become of her. She loves and depend on me so much, she does not need this over her head, thank you and blessed be, and i am an ordained minister as well i just believe in the power of prayer in numbers.
Sasha A. Chubb

This morning a friend of my family passed away. We seek prayers for their family. He left us behind, but went on to greater callings. His light will never go out in our hearts. His family's hearts will be heavy, but their arms will not be full of burden. Instead their arms will be full of friends who wish to support them through this. To all who knew him, may the blessings of knowing him continue through your life and may your life be richer for it. As it is willed, So mote it be.
Christine Thacker

I prey for the family of my beauitiful daughter as they greive the loss of their mother. My Father of all thins welcome her to her ansesters to the fire circles knowing she was a wonderful mother and grand mother. I prey for My little girls Sister and father that they can comfort eachother in this time of suffering and personal pain . I prey they will remember to celebrate her life not just mourn her loss. So I mote it, SO It shall be, Blessed Be Father of us all.
Michael Feeney

Lord, i pray that my new business is a success so I can help more people.
Arthur Robins

Someone is filing false claims about me and trying to scheme and scam me out of my house.Pray that this person's evil plans will not prevail in any of their evil plans and that God will pull me through this nightmare. I also pray for a financial breakthrough right now!!!!
John Lait

I need a prayer for my health. I have been having heart issues

Please Lord watch over my family, especially my JJ, and my friends. Let them be open to you and your love. Say hi to my Dad and everyone else who live with you now and give them my love and thoughts. Also please help me to be a better person. Love, Alison Snyder

Please pray that my fear of death and my anxiety will go away.
Wilma Medina

I pray that the Lords Will be done in my life and that I may do Jesus work with Honor and to Glorify.
Reverend Steven Aman

I need prayer from my Brothers and Sisters. My family and I are in serious financial need. We ask the Heavenly Father in the name of His Son Jesus to please help us with our money troubles and our need to find a decent home. Please continue to look after my wife and young childrens health and well being. We are in need of the finaces due to my unability to find a job. I was recently released from prison from which I was incarcerated for back child support. We need help Father, please. In the name of Your Son Jesus I pray. Amen
Carrol & Steven Rudd

hello, I would like to ask for prayer on two topics. 1) that my husband gets a great job and likes the work. 2) That a find a church or chapel to rent and has living quarters to start a church of my own. Please please many prayers anf favor of the lord is needed.
Edward Deriek Olague

I Edward Deriek Olague request prayer that I walk in the light of my Lord Jesus Christ. As a new minister I would like to request favor and blessings in my nw walk faith and church! Amen
Tammy Espinoza

I need prayer over my finances and school. My exhusband has decided not to pay the entire child support and has cut my money to a fourth of what he paid. This really took a toll on my family. I am now on Medicaid and Food Stamps to try to survive. I am also going to school full time as well as working full time. My older son who lives with me has a torn meniscus. My daughter and grand daughter also live with me with no job. My youngest son is very depressed. I need help! I have no Christmas again for the third year. Help me!!
Vicki Hermann

Prayer for God to Bless my ministry, and that the LORD WILL PROVIDE all the information I need to go forward. To bring only those individuals into my life that can and will mentor me. Pray that the funds I seek will be provided through the grace of God.

Dear Father: You teach me all things and for this I give you praise and often weary, often angry so that I could take a stick and smack the rock as Moses did hearing the cries of the people. Thank you for giving me more of you: staying in the Scriptures and not denying your spirit the comforter. Look down upon us as a people, a nation and the lost sheep and pour out your spirit into and unto us: In Jesus Name I ask. Cause us to pray, to communion, to take honey for our soul, and to follow those things Christ obeyed unto death to do. Born of a virgin, died on a cross, arose the third day, is seated on your right hand: I believe Lord. Hear our prayers and give us faith to obedience and to continue in your word as Jesus instructed that he and you will make your abode in us. Be with LTC Lankin and those you have brought to him to comfort and stand with him. Expose the truth and glorify Your name, and the Name of Jesus. Give us the needed strength to continue our calling and have mercy to us as you grant us the desires of our heart. Allow Godly men and women who seek you in sincerity and in truth to lead and to example. Cause us as a Nation to bring about the budget and to remove this great shame on our land. Let everyone every where hear:
Crystal Bolin

My prayer is that I went through a divorce in febuary. we agreed on joint child custody so he wouldnt have to pay child support and now that I have had my children this whole time, now he is trying to come in and take my children away from me and take me back to court and I just want God to give me the strength and the words in my mouth to help me make it through this battle and that my children will be able to come home to me again!
erick carlsen

Ineed help. Please pray for me to be able to make enough money this month to pay my bills. I was on a motorcycle accident and just have not worked much since then.

I pray to have my teeth fixed.

Dear God, I pray to have healthy eyes, and to be healthy in general. Thank you. Amen.

Dear God (Jesus Christ), I would like to request you to heal my brother who is now ill. He is in the lowest point of his life. He has a pain on his back and his lower part. I want your intervention at this very moment. I believe you steep in and save my brother. In Jesus name I pray Amen
Betty Liem

Dear God, Please let me make it to my next jury duty appointment. Thank you. Amen.
Tom Rine

Asking God to forgive me for all my sins. please take care of a special lady in my heart, my dearest Nichole. Ask to pray to strenghten my heart, my mind, and my life. thank-you.
Betty Liem

Dear God, I pray that Paulie and Tweety are resting in peace. Thank you. Amen.
Betty Liem

Dear God, Please bless Kevin Ma with good health and happiness. Thank you. Amen.
Rev. Arturo Cordova

My Grandfathers health is going down hill and he really needs alot prayers please pray for him his name is leroy A. Dick Thank you and god bless. Rev. Arturo Cordova

Father God help me. I am having a hard time I am trying to do the right things. Father since I left my husband it has been hard being disabled and returning to work. I know you said you wouldn't put more on me than I can bare but I am just tired and I don't know what to do anymore I can't do this without you father. Please help me. Please help me father I need a financial blessing by monday Oct. 18, 2010 and at this point I know and believe that you are the only one that can help me. I thank you in advance for all you have done for me and all you will do for me. Father God I just want to do your work that you have me here for father but its hard to do social work when your home life is a mess. How can I help others when I can barely help myself. I can't give them all I have to offer that you have been gracious enough to give to me to share with them because I am afraid and tired of my bills getting the best of me I just don't know what to do. I have used up all my resources available and my ex husband is a dead beat and I have my son God blessed me with it is getting cold and they are going to shut off my electric which I will have no lights and no heat. help me father help me please.
Rita McCormick

I pray for the start of our mission in a bad area of town. Pray for our building to be completed, pray we have prayer wariors. Pray we have funding. Pray we are not led into danger in this area. Pray local missions support us. Pray the police will be on our side. Pray for our church to grow and exceed expetations. Pray for us to have full understanding if we should work with just women or just men. Pray for our members health and commitment and long life.
salina boardwine

please pray for my family we are going through a really hard thing right now me and my husband are both saved but we are having trouble right now getting thourgh this and i felt lead to ask you all to please pray for both of us his name is junior.thank you and i will let u guy's know how this all truns out. sincerly salina boardwine

heavenly mother, and humble father.... I come to you on bended knee. For I feel as though I am going crazy. My loneliness is bittersweet. My heart aches for another's voice. All those nights so long ago that I wished to be alone, I never accounted for this. Please help me to humble my heart, not go crazy, and that I may learn to be around people once again. may your will be done. blessed be
Betty Liem

Dear God, I pray to save face and to have my own family one day. Thank you. Amen.
Robert Schuler

That I would walk, in wholeness and fullness of God, for my life hear on earth, that I would become the man of God I'am to be. That God would continue to purify and refine me. That I could see my God face to face in all glory, not like Moses who hid in the cleft of the rock as God went by. I say again face to face. I want to heal the sick, make the blind to see, cause the lame to walk, make the deaf hear raise the dead, heal and restore this planet and everything on it, be of service to the universal creator BUT MOST OF ALL I WANT THE HEART OF GOD.
minister howard hicks

I'm in a batel for my soul I can't do it alone anymore. Please pray for me. I need all help I can recive thank from my heart.
Karen Baum

Good health I am in a wheelchair which I have got cerebal palsy which I had from birth, and I use be to walk. I use my arms very well I keep having a sore throat which I had for two month. I still use my legs. Thank you
Betty Liem

Dear God, I pray to find the right career for me. Thank you. Amen.
Dennis Hagan

Heavenly father, thank you for this day and all your gifts. Please give me the strength to continue. Thank you for the job I have, and please help me to be able to make the payments on my car so I can keep the job. Thank you!
Vickie Showers

I am in need of transportation so that I can do God's work. also, my husband doesn't approve of my minestering 2 men or behind the pulpit. God can change his mind.

I pray that the Lord will save my mothers soul, I forgive her for all of the years of abuse on me. I do not hate my mother but a spirit that is in her still resents me. I was born of a rapped mother, I was a reminder of the what had happened to her. I am 54 yrs now the only child living, my sister died in 1999 she was 38 yrs old from being on drugs. I believe God has a calling for my life, he gave me the gift of bring souls to him. People feels my spirit.
Rev. Amy Huffstutler

I wish to make a prayer request for my good friend Evelyn, and her husband David. David's mother, Goldie Williams, has suffered a few small strokes and drastic blood sugar drops below dangerous levels over the last few weeks. They are very concerned for her health and are a Christian believing family. They welcome all prayers and thank those who do pray for their mother's health. As an ordained minister, ordained by The Universal Ministries I thank all of you, Christian or otherwise, who send out prayers as well. Rev. Amy Huffstutler
Linda Angeline

Please pray for my dear friend Bev, who was just been diagnosed with cancer. I pray with all my heart and soul to our dear Lord for him to perform a miracle and heal her.
Phil K.

Please Pray for me and my Family. I have 2 kids from a previous marriage that have a condition known as NF type 1. Both the kids have it and due to difficulties with their mother I do not see them at this time. They have brain tumors due to the NF and have responded well to chemo therapy. I just find myself at this time trying to keep my new marriage off rocks and am failing miserably. My new wife has been very supportive but in the last 3 yrs I have lost 2 jobs for various reasons (none that include drugs, alcohol, performance or illegal activities). Due to the economy and child support payments my wife and I are struggling desperately. Living pay check to pay check has made our faith and tempers very thin. I have prayed for help from GOD but many times just have been feeling alone lately. My
Betty Liem

Dear God, I pray that the third bird my immediate family had as a pet is resting in peace. Thank you. Amen.
Betty Liem

Dear God, I pray to be baptized. Thank you. Amen.
Terry King

I owned a business in Texas, I hired over 3000 people in a 10 yrs period, many were people who had made a mistake in life and no one would give them a oppoutunity, I fell, lost faith, mental health, went broke and the business closed. Many emails from old empolyees who want to work. I want to restart my buiness and get back to what I am suppose to be doing with my life. I need all the prayers I can recieve.. Thank You
Betty Liem

Dear God, I pray for an adequate amount of privacy. Thank you. Amen.
Betty Liem

Dear God, I hope that all of the people I truly care about have had happy birthday and will have happy birthdays. Thank you. Amen. Regards, Betty Liem
Gwendolyn Copeland

Please Pray for me that God will bless me to marry a Godly husband that is financially secured, loving, kind, respectable, healthy, and considerate of others. I stand of scriptures, Genesis 2:18 and Proverbs 18:22. Thank you, Gwendolyn Copeland
wendy taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus you know my desires you know my needs you know my prayers and you know my situations i speak to every mountain now in the name of jesus christ and command them all to be gone now forever in the name of jesus christ you are my provider and god shall provide the blessing of the lord makes wendy taylor very rich & he adds no sorrow with it pray and make this happen now for me and keep praying for me jesus continously in jesus name amen
minister Jamal Lucas

I will like to pray for my papa and my Grandny and Pray for me as a preach the word of God and do what God has called me to do Thanks !!! people of God I am a youth minister at my church
reverend tammie yost

Please pray for my mother, niece and grandmother.
Cloyd Bailey

I lost my job this week and it has put a burden on my family.It is difficult for me to meet my financial needs now and has put a major stress on me emotionally and physically.I ask you pray for me that God will send someone(s) that will show favor that will hire me and bring this difficult time to a close .I give God the praise beforehand cause I know in my heart he sees my needs and prayer will be answered so I praise him beforehand..Thank You for All You Do!!Cloyd
Cloyd Bailey

My prayer is I repent of all my sins and that God will show his love and mercy upon me.I ask he always walk with me day to day and that I touch the loves and souls he wants me to touch.I ask his blessings upon me and my family and that all the lost souls of this world will be saved.I thank Him for his Love and Goodness and that he will make me a warrior that I will serve him with all my heart,soul and mind..I love the Lord so much and so grateful he has come into my heart!!
Betty Liem

Dear God, Please bless Robert James Ritchie with health and happiness. Thank you. Amen. Regards, Betty Liem
Betty Liem

Dear God, I pray to have closure with Rocko. Thank you. Amen. Regards, Betty Liem
wendy taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus i love you very much i need your help my attorney has been to the probate court 2 times to get copies of the paperwork the judge has on the guardianship for my brother the clerk couldnt find anything he went he said they told him it was confidentality he said she quoted him a code from a probate court handbook it wasnt a law just from a probate handbook i want her reported now to the proper authorities my attorney told me today that i wasnt going to get the land she was going to give it to me can you believe he said that to me the devil is a liar he told me to pray about it over the weekend & monday we would decide what to do he has been telling me all week that he was going to request a hearing if she would give one he was going to report her & have an investigation he is scared lord all he is doing is talking out of both sides of his mouth after he got off the phone he wrote me a texet saying god is putting you through these trails for a reason keep praying for gods will i said i will faith without works is dead after i got off the phone & thought about what he said i sent him a text & told him i was upset that he wasnt fighting for me & that i was getting the land then i told him that if he would have been fighting for me & had my back that betty would have never gotten the guardianship i said he wasnt the man i met in 1999 i said you have lost your fight i said i never would have done you this way i said you have turned a blind eye & a deaf ear to evil i said god is watching & listening i also told him i want you to report her & have her investigated then i told him if you dont do this i am going to seek other counsil i said i have made up my mind i am not wasting any more time i am not dancing around the devil anymore i said have a good weekend enough is enough lord he has been delaying this so he can get a bunch of money dont allow it he hasnt done nothing lord but get me permanent administrator i need your help do what you want to do you he is a whimp lord i dont have any respect for that i told him that was not the christian way hyou know i am right lord i have done nothing wrong help me jesus fight for me get me the land & everything including the guardianship now show judge janice spires you are god & not her god is in control you will always be in control do it now lord i release you into it all i release it all to you jesus you are my peace you are my protector you are my everything & you have my back all man wants to do is control you & bet you down come & help me now i love u in jesus name amen

Please keep me in your prayers as I am weathering a storm right now and am in dire need of employment as I have no income coming in and can possibly lose everything if I don't find something ASAP.
Pastor Robert Joseph

God i come to you Today to ask for your Guidence , i lost my Job 3 monthes ago ,God i have applied many places with no luck in finding anything! Lord this is getting me Down i feel lost when i should be found feel like theres no hope! I pray everyday and i no things come to me in your time , i just feel like such a Loser lord! Moneys getting low and food is to Lord i know you will look after me! Thank you God , in Jesus name Amen
Pastor Martin

please pray for healing amongst my family. we have all kinds of ailments.

Please pray for my mother who was just discharged from hospital, pray to get her legs strong again so that she may again walk, walk in the path of our Father. Pray for the Nurses' aides that assist her everyday, pray for myself and my cousins who help her at night. Pray that our Lord Jesus may heal her illness and restore her health like he restored sight to the blind.
Rev. Darryl Harrison

Please pray for finances that I may attend addiction recovery training in Rockford, Ill.. Please pray that the Lord may strengthen and guide me in the ministry has called me to.
andrea scrivner

Dear God I'm 23 and 30 weeks pregnant I need help to quit smoking for good and have a healthy baby I have been though a lot already struggling to give up smoking I know in my heart I can quit I just need u there with me I know I'm not perfect but I have done a lot of things in my pass I'm not proud of I just want to say thank u for your blessing in the name if Jesus amen
Tracy Veteto

The health of my mother (Sandra Purdom. She turned 67 on the 23rd. She's not able to get much exercise and her home has become more and more cluttered. Am afraid her heaalth might suffer from it. Thank you and God bless.
Betty Wetzel

Lord I thank you for watching over my sister. I pray Lord for the victims of the earthquack and tsunamie. I ask that all believers pray for your divine guidence and follow your word. In Jesus name. Amen

I am praying for a financial blessing. I recently lost my car and I need the financial guidance and stability to get it back or get a new one. I am also praying for a change in my life. I look at a failure as God warning me to change paths and directions and I just need to know what my next move will be.
Mary Marsh

Father I pray for strength to handle my sons death my brothers death and the court hearings for my daughter and her children that the Lord be in control and what happens will be His will. Amen
Debra Kay King

Dear Lord, Thank You for allowing me the privilege to become ordained. I am preparing to perform my first wedding ceremony and feel quite nervous. Please guide me and give me strength as I begin this new phase of my public ministry.
Monica Cronic

Please pray that I may let go of all the anger and hate I am holding in my heart, and the self pity I have for my illness, and the anger of not being in a place where I want to be or to do what I want to do because of several factors that I need to let go of.Pleas pray for my happiness as I have none.

my grandmother's aunt has cancer, i ask that everbody pray for her survival please, thank you
Mark Humes

Please pray for my nephew Joe Jones who has Cancer of the Stomach, Colon, and Lymph Nodes. He also has seizures, and Heat problems. Thank You and God Bless
keith langford

Jesus please forgive me for my sins, and help me to minister your word to the masses as I have been doing since birth,please take every nagative thing in my life and make it a positive, restore the drive and passion for your word that iam sorely missing now.
Tigh Bakker

I would like for you to pray for me as I am student teaching and starting my professional career.
Leya Schiller

I'm a reiki practitioner. I haven't had any clients in over a month. I would like prayers that I can continue to have better fiances with clients. And to be able to find a soulmate relationship. God bless!
Mark Bankus Sr

I am going in for some type of surgery on my right side, please say a few prayers for me that it is just a lump of no concern, bless you all.
jamel stanback

Myself and wife going thur alot of changes the devil is trying so hard to break us apart

Please pray for my family and help to keep our faith strong.
George Holleger

I ride a Motorcycle in formation, and stand in a line formation, at Funeral Homes, and also in Cemetaries, for any fallen soldier. & first responders. In the morning of 10/20/11, I will be going to Atlanta,Ga to receive a Fallen soldier. LCpl Scott Daniel Harper. USMC Please Pray for the family and friends of this soldier, who gave his all, for our Nation & All our Freedom!!! www.patriotguard.org. George Holleger
Peggy Noftz

Dear Lord jesus, Please help me in accepting my daughters death. Please help me to stop hating her dad for never being there for her but now he mournes for her. Help me find peace in my heart for a betrayal of a friend. She disguises her horrible thoughts within her church now. She thinks she can say and do mean things but going to church makes it all right. Please send your angels to keep my family wrapped in their wings for protection. Thank you for every thing I do have. I look around and know if things get real tough You will guide me through. Just nudge me now and then and just whisper your suggestions. I know I must make the choice to do the right thing. In God's name ...Amen

My health, my Sunday school/Bible club children and money. I know I am asking a lot but I live in the Appalacian are of WV and I am on SSI. I keep spending money on my church children and getting behind on my own bills. I want to teach one of the boys to read better and need to buy some books. Thank you and God Bless. Diana
Gary L. Eytcheson

Heavenaly Father I put my life in your hand to glorify you and use me to find ones who can find faith and truth for healing and being born again and to testify that nothing is too big for Jesus Christ Almighty and sharing my testimony of the blessings that have been given to me Amen

For my daughter's continued sobriety. She is doing well and moving forward, and I pray that she does not relapse.
Rev. Ty Gehle

My Grandfather, Norvel Wietz, is dying of terminal cancer. I ask for his passage to be painless and his eternity to be with his savior.
Betty Wetzel

Everyone Please pray for my sister Sam, she is fighting for her life with cancer. She has had to stop chemo., as it was killing her. She is undergoing radiation now. Please pray for her!
Rev. Dennis Hagan

Dear lord, thank you for your gifts each and every day. Please help remove the obsticles keeping me from being with my family. Please let me find a reliable vehicle to drive and allow me to settle my earthly debts. Thank you lord. Amen
wayne johnston

my wife of 20yrs left me for another man. i want my marriage to work,i am willing to give complete forgiveness for that. i just need gods help to put his love on her heart.
Rev. Karen Holtz

On June 17, 2011 my 21 year old son Eric Watkins and my 7 month old grandson Bryor were killed instantly when an under aged drunk driver ran from an accident, turned east into the westbound lane and hit their suv head on. They were killed instantly, my daughter in law (21 years old) was driving and was spared any major physical injuries. I ask for prayers for my daughter in law Ginger, that she is granted strength and continued faith to get through this very difficult time. I ask for prayers for the driver of the truck that killed them, he is facing up to life in prison and has to live the rest of his life knowing he killed to innocent people at the age of 18. I also ask for prayers for his family that they have the strength and faith to get through this as well. I also ask for prayers for myself, I struggled with hatred of this kid and his stupid mistake that killed my son and grandson who I had not even had the chance to hold. I also ask that prayers be said that no other lives be taken or ruined because of drunk driving. thank you, Kari
Debra Miller

A young man of age 17, Jarad Rifner, in Bloomfield, Indiana, had a 4 wheeler accident. He swerved to miss a dog and went tumbling with the ATV. He was not wearing any protection of any kind. They life-lined him to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. They induced a coma, his brain is swelling and bleeding. They are checking (today?) to see if there is any brain activity. PLEASE, PLEASE pass this prayer on to everyone. Thank you, Debra Miller

Father God I pray for all my Brothers and Sisters here U.M. I pray they would be ministers of the calling you have given them.I pray for Rev.Hicks and the work he is doing at U.M. May all the things be done in the Honor and Glory of you Father its in your Sons Holy Name I Pray Amen
kelly mcclusky

Dear fellow christians, my family is in dire need of help. We have 5 kids under our roof and myself and my husband,and I am 7 months pregnant. We spent every dime we had on a foreclosed home here in michigan for our family to have a secure stable place to live. It has since had to be torn down to the foundation due to BLACK MOLD through ought the whole entire house. We are currently squatting in a friends home, not renting because we spent all of our money on our home that was torn down. We DESPERASTLY need enough money to purchase permits to have permission by oakland county michigan to start building. We have materials that were donated and fianced sitting on our house site. We cannot start erecting the house til we have permits and we dont have the money for it. Please prayer for a miracle. We wont beable to squat here much longer,and as believers in the Lord, I know a miracle will happen, and i know there are still people out there who have the heart and ability to help. We need some fincial help, and even some good strong man power if people would like to help with this miracle needing to happen.

God. I need your help. So that I may help others. Do not let me hurt anyone or myself or anyone's soul for that matter whilst I try my best to serve you God. I love you. Love Trey
Betty Wetzel

Please Lord, watch over my sister, and if it be your will heal her of her cancer.
Trevor Curtis Bash

I’m praying, asking God if minister ordination is right for me. I know if there are 2 or more people are praying for the same cause it’s more likely going to come to pass.
Rev. Ronald Volner

I would like to request a prayer for my father he is very ill with heart and lung problems and is at neer death please pray with my self and my family for him thank you all and to all god bless.
wendy taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus i want you to help me now in jesus name amen

Betty Wetzel

Dear Lord, I Thank You, for watching over my sister and all those people with cancer. I pray we find a cure soon! Lord, I pray also, that you will help me to get my new foundation up and running. Gods' Glory Foundation, will help so many people with your help and to your Glory! Amen
wendy taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus help my attorney to get the hearing for the guardianship asap give him favor open the right doors right now & get us in immediately give us favor with the judge & give us the guardianship now immediately release the land to me now let me buy it now immediately bring order into this mess its been long enough have mercy lord on me dont make me wait any longer work through my attorney in everyway you desire you know what to do how to get this done now asap release the wisdom to my attorney now release the plan & the favor & do it through my attorney take these people down now quickly you gave the enemy his time now its yours go in lord & defeat this through my attorney do it quickly get him to do it quickly this judge is wrong lord you know what she has been doing you know why she has been doing this you have got her right where you want her go into this now lord mightily do it through my attorney give him no peace until this is finished i release it all into your hands & i plead the blood of jesus over it all god is in control if you want the court tapes from the 2 hearings that i was present then get me the transcriber now give me favor with the price & give me the money now to get it done i also need big money now to pay everything i still havent been able to pay for the 2 tnt buildings i need to pay my condo payment my condo fees my buckle payment my ticket city of centerville payment i need 150. for my tax payment i need money for things i need & desire i am a tither lord i have sown lots of offerings lord i need your help now do it all for me now quickly i loveyou very much in jesus name amen
wendy taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus i love you very much you are awesome

On this day I feel the the weight of trouble falling from me like heavy scales. I have the gift of knowing that true riches exists not in material wealth but in the love of family and friends and by living free in our great country.
Rev. Dionne Dennis

I send prayers and blessings to my niece and the rest of the Dennis family for the violent loss of my nephew Carre G. ......Please pray for a quick understanding and healing for the loss of a 1 yr old and 11 mths......may god hold him as we all will see him another day.
Chuck Norris

my dog is treating me like a female dog....make it stop

Please help me to become ordained so that i may spread your wonderful news of unlimited prosperity and universalness in areas of acceptance, culture and beliefs regardless of their validity. thank you. yours truly, now and forever, Melissa.
Tom Graziano

Currently I am out of work, I have two small children and a wife to take care of. I am studying for my life insurance exam. I would like a prayer for success passing my exam so I can support my family. Also the financial strain of being unemployed has caused a lot of fighting and a lack of affection between my spouse and I. I would also appreciate a prayer for happiness in our relationship. Thank you all so much and god bless.
Rev. John Hill

Please pray for my friend Matt who is in pain and struggling with his MS

I pray that I find a decent job so I can support my children better. I also pray that I win my custody battle of my children and help my ex-husband to know that I am a fantastic mother and I am what is in the best interest for the children to reside with me. I also pray for my childrens and I for our health and my mothers health as well and lastly I would like to pray for mind clarity, strengh and courage to be a better person that what I already am. That wisdom will come to mind and strength will come physically. And my heart which strongly seeks spiritualness finds it. Thank You Amen
Kenley Maxeiner

My fiance is going back to Afghanistan on Sunday after his leave. I pray that you pray for not only his safety on his long journey back to Afghanistan, but also the safety of the soldiers serving overseas. I pray that they find peace, warmth, and love overseas this holiday season.
Bill cleveland jr

pray for me and my girlfriend Harriet Grandchamp for a stronger healthy and brighter future thanks Bill cleveland jr

Father, assist me with your love, light and grace in allowing me to receive your wonderful gifts. Thank you

My prayer is for the continued success and growth of the Universal Ministry chapel and Pastor Hickman.

Please pray for my family as we have suffered the loss of two beloved family members within 6 months. My Grandfather passed away at the age of 91 and my Uncle at the young age of 60.
Rev. Dennis Hagan

Dear Lord, Thank you for your many gifts and blessings in my life. Please remove the obsticals that are keeping my family from being reunited, and allow us to be together. Thank you.
Tamara Cleveland

Prayer for me to get a house for my children and I. Prayer for my son who is disabled ssi come soon. Prayer for me to win my unemployment appeal. Pray for me to get license to be ordained to be a pastor and prophet and prayer for a prayer ministry and a church.

I pray that my life will improve. In the past year I have gone through many hardships. I hope and pray that my life will turn for the better soon. Amen.
Rev. John Hill

My friend John Redmond was in a serious accident,Please everyone pray for a quick recovery,and keep his family in your thoughts.
Shannon york

may my new business venture be a huge spiritual, and financial success> lilly-anna is a blessing making the world more bright and white with gods love> amen
chibuzor okonkwo

I want my lord satan to belss me with monye
wendey taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus make sure that my attorney files the appeal with superior court tomorrow & the complaint gets filed tomorrow with the judicial qualifications commission in ATL tomorrow send out your very best to do the investigation immediately & let them see immediately everything the judge has done that she is not suppose to do let them find criminal stuff that she has done wrong to me dont let her have time to manufacture anything or change anything that she has done move quickly & immediately & suddenly & catch her off quard she has abused her authority her position & her power & i want you to remove her off my case & remove her as the probate judge of houston county permanently & mike long has done the same thing lord he abused his position as my former attorney he was working with her to keep me from getting the guardianship he wanted his friend todd cowart they go to church together to get it thats why they had their secret meeting with the judge a couple of days before she had the hearing & said she was giving the guardianship to the state it leads to him as well & he thought because he was the county attorney no one could stop him they work together lord they are in bed together they do crooked stuff together remove him from being the county attorney & being an attorney if you want them exposed to the media then do it you send out your angels to make it all happen these people are crooked lord i am not judging i just want evil stopped do it & do it at the root get it all go into it all & terminate the devil this is a generaltional devil i plead the blood of jesus & get the harris's too make them have to pay money back i know they have spent phillips money make the records be pulled & go them all of his checks they have received they stole them from me i tithed off the ones i had there are no curses on that money you know everything you have all the wisdom u know what must be done the lord is my rock my fortress my deliver my god my strength in whom i will trust the seed of the woman crushes the head of the serpent take down satan lord & all of the people that are connected to him do it now god is in control i plead the blood of jesus get me out of this now quickly & give it all to me now quickly get phillip immediately into the right place you desire open up lord he cant live with me he has to be in the right place he needs help he has been programmed lord by the devil release him now give me the guardianship now he dont belong to the harris's they are liars munipulators u know it i love you injesusname amen
W. Anthony Rodriguez

I pray my Lord, Jesus lead me and continues to guide me has doors are open and closed. My the track my wife and I walk give opportunties to spread and show examples of the most highest gift,s. Blessing and rise his name.
james henry buckley

Pray for my sister, judy & her husband. they are going through tough times. especially for my sister vision problems. thank you & be blessed.

Pls. Pray for my daughter Sydonna open her heart to recived the Lord as her saviour.that she no longer lives a hermit life.that the strong holdof the enemy on her life be d broken in Jesus name for a 24 hr turn arpun in her live. .Thanks for standin with me for my childs salvation.

Lord You are Good and Your Mercy endureth forever. Thank You Lord Jesus for spiritual life for my son Eddie and his family. Thanks and God Bless you all.
Iris Rodgerson

I ask you to pray for myself and my daughter destiny as we have been cursed by someone, our lives are being controlled by someone with wickedness and since then everything has been falling apart, in my dreams there is this ominence prescence that scares the living daylights out of me and I awake freezing cold and disturbed , my six year old destiny says that she dreams with a demon with red eyes and she is frightened, plz pray for the removal of such evil, just want our lives back, thNK YOU AND MAY YOU ALL BE BLESSED.
Tammy Espinoza

My husband and I are currently separated. It states in God's word that if I prayer to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ, that I may receive what I request. I pray for a clear, focus mind in my husband. That he will see God hates divorce and that we made a committment/vow before God. I pray that my husband will hear God speak and come back quickly if it is God's will. I all my prayers thus far, I have never heard God say no. I have even heard the voice of God say get your house ready while I was walking. I believe this is a spiritual battle that Jesus has already won.
Rev. Stephanie louise hill

Please pray for my husband Edward. We just found out a month ago that he has a brain tumor on his left side of his head. Plus he also has alot more things wrong like seizures,heart problems. I just would love to have pray done for him so he can get better and raise his girls with me. We have only been married 2 yrs. So, please pray with me to our lord and savior to please grant edward of removing this tumor that is plaqued him. Thank You and god bless you all
Darlene Hairston

Iam standing at a cross road, i know God has called me as a servant,standing in the need of prayer, tails are mounting up. need prayer
wendy taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus i love you very much i just heard a message on forgiveness i forgive everyone that has done me wrong betty and bob harris judge janet spires mike long sherry campbell wayne yancey happy hour service center chadrick singleton todd cowart cynthia stephens defax the state rob tuggle even my attorney bob lovett i pray you get all their souls let your will be done i am free from this but at the same time lord my brother is in the wrong place because of their wrong deceisons you have to just what has been done unjustly i have to keep praying about this lord until the deliverance comes forth because you said jesus pray without ceasing you are in control the battle is the lords bless them if you want to lord let your will be done whatever that is this is a generaltional curse that must be broken & terminated all i can do is call it out & pray it out the rest is up to you i have done my part now its turn around time for me the guardianship needs to be given to me now lord the land needs to be given to me now lord the house needs to be given to me now lord the financing for the house needs to be given to me now lord the vehicles need to be given to me now lord including my new corvette convertible i want my blessings & rewards now lord i want the money the estate owes me now lift this burden off me now & set me free from it all i have been in this for over 2 years lord also i forgive nj for the way he treated me trying to play with my mind now free me from him in my thoughts these are just behaviors that i no longer tolerate because i am set free by the blood of jesus i forgive them forgive me of all my sins i have constinously said that i forgive them during this battle that i have been in lord you heard it & you know that its time for me to come out now lord i have been in a holding cell with this estate i want to be free & you can do this in a twinkling of an eye glory to god do it now for me give me favor with you god always & man you choose as for nj i was minding my own business seeking you lord when i came across him i didnt do anything to cause what i have been through with him just like this with the harris's i put this in the lord's hand all of it you deal with it jesus you have all the power i need your help with my sales all of this protect bless & release big money & big sales to me this week that will pay everything now quickly that means everything favor lord i love you in jesus name amen
Rev. Patricia

Please for Margie she has cancell in the mouth.
Rev Ute Horn

I pray for a peaceful transition for my friends father. She has MS and is taking care of him at home. He is 93 and in very frail health. We have been taking turns sitting with him and I explained to him that there is no sting in death that all we do is change energy form and I invited him to visit me wherever in his journey he may be going. Today while I was out I felt the need to buy him some ice cream. When my friend served him the ice cream he asked where it had come from and she told him I brought it. He was in tears and said I send her messages all day to buy me ice cream. I know now that she will hear me when I'm gone and I can keep communicating with you. This gave him great peace. He is getting ready to pass and I would like for him to pass peaceful and for who ever is sitting withim to experience the peace that god has for us. It is an awesome experience to sit withsome and be there when they rebirth into the next step of their journey. I ask for strenght for my friend and peace for all present.
Rev. Mark Rubinoff

Dear Heavenly, I ask for special blessings. I have read every prayer on this page.... now I ask of you, oh Heavenly Father, to hear the prayers of your children and respond to them within your will and within your time. I ask for spiritual enlightenment for all. In Jesus name I ask this of you, Amen.
Sister Charity Kreasko

Please pray for Carolyn Kelley. She just had another stroke. Both she and her family are in pain.

My name is krupavaram,Iwas doing evangelisim ministries among the hindus so please pray for me. servent of God
frank ortega

please pray for me and my family, we all need food,money for rent and gas for the family car. please help us. thank you

Hi please pray for me to be suksesful at my job and in life
wendy taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus my attorney isnt doing anything for me in fact he has done very little he dont return my calls he dont take them when he is there & i call & he dont respond when i send him a text message i told him that state farm is trying to cancel the insurance on dads house & they want him to write a letter i also faxed the letter to him that they sent me i dont know what else to do i need you lord to help me get state farm to extend the policy for me & i need you to get bobby to find out what the appraisal came in at that rob tuggle ordered from gary stroud did i hope its low lord i really need it to be low also i am going to make a land payment tomorrow on the way to work that is not leaving me with much money left i still have to pay my condo payment condo fees belk payment buckle payment city of centerville payment the 2 payments for tnt buildings my ticket i need to put 100. into suntrust bank account for the insurance on the cars i need your help with everything lord including all of this its time for me to get the land lord & to have all the money released to me now & to get back all the money the estate owes me i need to do the estate tax returns i need to file them i need to do another attachment sheet for the estate for the month of june & july 2012 i need to do & file my tax returns also today i filed my sales tax for the incorporatation i have a balance of 399.00 the girl said that my refund showed houston county & i am peach county so they didnt give it to me i said thats a mistake i have never been in houston county with my business she said the sales tax was different she also said the balance was from 2004 it was old & she said it could be erased she said to call back tomorrow give me the favor & get it erased work it all out work everything out i need alot of big sales to come forth now that will give me big money i sowed another seed today along with my prayers lord i cant take anymore please have mercy now & get the land & the house for me & give me the loan for the land now & the land the money & get me the house the financing for it the money & everything help me lord give me favor get me the guardianship lord phillip should never have been placed in the harris's expose them to the judge lord bring out the divorce papers of jay ivie that proves he has a problem with drinking & it proves that what phillip told me was true get him out now lord get him away from them permanently i have prayed & sown seeds for this lord make haste to deliver me now lord make haste to bring me out now god is in control i release it all into your hands you know what to do let your will be done shield me & protect me in everyway all my resources the businss my life the estate everything i leave nothing out & i plead the blood of jesus over me this prayer my brother everything do great things for me now i love you you deal with my attorney the judge rob tuggle the court everything you know it all i have my peace & protection always you are with me i trust you lord i believe you lord you have all power in jesus name amen
Kathryn Hawbaker

I ask for a prayer for me to be focused and strong in my work, to keep searching for answers. to not give in to my weekneses, to be paitiant, to not judge others, to continue growing, and learning, to be a better pearson. i also ask that any spelling errors will be over looked. Thank you! Kathryn Hawbaker
Chaplain Hout

I have a vision of opening a christian based boys ranch ! To save the youth of the nation! I am heart felt to do this ! I recently lost my 27 Year old Son and it has brought the love, I have for Christ More Truer and deeper in my life! So please pray for my Ministry and family!I will achieve the Lords true and devine plan in my life this i know beloved God bless you all! Chaplain Jack Hout
wendy taylor

dear lord forgive me of all my sins jesus i love you so much i am so thankful for all that you do for me & have done & will do but i cant take anymore of the business the estate the bills my attorney bnj & whatever that craziness has been i have prayed every prayer i have praised you i have sown many powerful seeds to you ihave been obident to you to stay with a business for 9 years that has been in lack anyone else would have walked away & you know this i stay because you told me to stay i have grown much at all in 9 years i have been through hell lord & you know it i stay by my dads side & did all i could for him & my brother when he was dying with cancer i have fought a good fight i have done all i can now i am very tired i want you to have mercy & give me the land now i have sown for it no one else has my brother did me wrong & my aunt & her husband have done me wrong & they have done everything they can do to stop me i just dont care lord i am not a greedy person my dad wanted me to have the land he wanted me to have what was his all of it & you know this i prayed for him to be healed i prayed for him everyday i prayed when i didnt want to pray i knew he didnt have a will i was fighting for my dads life & for his soul that was what was important at the time i need you to bring me out now of it all there is no sence in me being in the estate for over 2 years my attorney has done me wrong & you know it i was done wrong by the first one then he dropped my not because i was wrong but because i was right i cant take it anymore or the pressure of it i am telling you this now so it will be known to you i am releasing all onto you & off of me you are my source bless my seeds & bring me out get me into the court now with a very quick turn around bless me & protect me in everyway i cover myself this prayer & everything in the blood of jesus all i need is you the battle is yours win it now for me quickly favor lord i need it now in jesus name amen
Rev. Lesli Kilduff

I am requesting a prayer for Kim H. in Boise ID. who has had breast for a year. She has finished her chemo and is now started on radiation therapy. She needs all the love that can be sent her way. Not much family to help her here but a few friends are stepping in. Thank you
Rev. Lesli Kilduff

I have a prayer request for Jo Lynn Chastain in Spokane WA who has a brain tumor. She has a beautiful fairly young family. I'm praying for their strength, comfort and health to get them through this difficult time.

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