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Universal Ministries Church Charter

Offering a Charter of Church Affiliation from the Universal Ministries was a decision that required much debate. So many churches offer charters that have little or no value to the affiliated local church members. We wanted a charter that not only shows affiliation with the Ministries Headquarters, but one that serves your church or ministry as a document you will be proud to display to the community.

ChartersClick here for Charter. A main concern in this area is that so many of the charters we investigated from other organizations serve no other purpose than to increase the coffers of those organizations. Their charters simply did not serve the local congregations as more than wallpaper and we do not care to offer such a document. A church charter issued by a major denomination requires that you abide by the national bylaws of the organization, as basically a company owned church or store of religion, if you will.

Most non-denominational Internet churches, where there are no physical headquarters office or church building, offer charters that Not only do not serve their members, but also have no legal standing in some states that require registry of denomination of your physical church. To offer a valid charter, some states demand that a true physical church or ministry exists that can be substantiated. The Universal Ministries comply with these standards and we are working to offer an even nicer building to serve members, both local and around the world. Though in many cases, the local church will be a house church shared by both the church and the minister's family. The chartering authority, in some instances, requires more than simply an office operated within the home. It is to your benefit to be sure that the chartering organization complies properly with the laws and requirements of your state and county. If they can not show a building dedicated primarily for purposes of religious organization, they may fall outside of your local requirements and such charter will have no legal standing.

We have worked to make our Charter of Church Affiliation into an instrument that will meet the guidelines of various states, while at the same time allowing your church and congregation to maintain the same independent status granted within our ordination process. The Headquarters in Milford, Illinois continues to be available to help serve the needs of your congregation while not limiting your church or ministry.

As a chartered affiliate of the Ministries, your church or ministry will share partnership in the overall Ministries brotherhood of members, yet maintain complete control of the affairs of your separate church or ministry. Each church or ministry will be issued a document of Chartered Affiliation under the terms of the chartering agreement. Chartered Affiliation is based on annual renewal of the local church charter with the Headquarters office. Agreement of charter will be sent with each certificate and must be returned to finalize the chartering agreement.

The charter was designed to allow your church or ministry freedom to worship as your faith leads you while minimizing the requirements of mans' world.

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