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Rev. Douglas E. Hickman Reverend Douglas E. Hickman is the founder of the Universal Ministries. He is the Archbishop of the worldwide church, Lord Knight of the Holy Order of Saints, Doctor of multiple Religious fields, Author, Teacher, Pastor, Preacher and Student.

As our Leader of the Denomination of Churches, Ministries, Outreaches and Faith, he does not want followers but servants to others in our faiths verses mans' religions.

Reverend Hickman often says he did not start a church it started him. With over 1 million 800,000 members in 193 Nations today Reverend Hickman insists he does nothing, God builds this church as no man can do more than simply serve God in His/her work.

Reverend Hickman is a man that will share faith without caring about who or what we are in life. He still maintains he is not here to tell us what to believe, but to help us find our paths and guide us in our journeys to our own salvation.

As a leader he constantly studies many beliefs, laws and ways to help us help others to the best of our abilities and he shares them when asked.
As Administrator to the church he works daily answering the phones whenever possible and talking to each person until they have found their direction. His biggest complaint is he misses more calls than he can take to help others. Daily we find him in the office working to provide the legal authorities of man, sharing faith and being the all around custodian of the church.

Though Reverend Hickman will talk of previous employment, the church is not simply his work, but his passion and vocation. He follows the Teachings of Christ as found in the original Scriptures and Gospels, yet refuses to limit the church to his beliefs. His most common comment is "God is greater than all the religions of man and he must remain open to all of God's children". As he found the term Christianity a confusion of faith, he chooses to be known as an Yeshuan (Jesus) Disciple. He explains that this title means that he is a follower of Yeshua's path to God and a student of Yeshua's teachings verses that man changed to please man in the many editions of the original Word.

When you come to the Universal Ministries, you come to an openness of faith. You do not find a Holy See of a church, but a man serving God. All are accepted within the Universal Ministries. Reverend Hickman reminds us of the story of Babble. God confused the hearts and minds of humanity until they could become mature in His Word. As we grow in true faith we become, not the follower of a church, but the child God created in love no longer needing the controls of man in our journey of faith.

Reverend Hickman, though opinionated, does not support a political party or seek notoriety of being a celebrity in life, as many ministers seem to today. He believes we serve people ... that we serve God's society rather than being self-important.

Join us in Reverend Hickman's vision of faith and our church which will remain open to all that we may be greater in God than our Leader says he could ever be.
Reverend Hickman has earned the following degrees:
Doctorates Earned
Ancient Religious Theology - D.aRT
Ministry - D.Min.
Church Administration - D.cA
Divinity - D.D
Religious Counseling - D. rC
Reverend Hickman has Performed 412 weddings, 78 funerals, 103 Baptisms and has counseled numerous people and couples.
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Universal Ministries was recognized by Elizabeth in 2002 at her Birthday party, interviewed by all BBC stations, and has had the Order of Saints recognized by the C of E Archbishop. Universal Ministries has provided sermonettes over Radio Free Europe, has been interviewed by several Radio Stations and papers around the US over the years

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