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A Full Minister is a person appointed to the Clergy of their Church or Denomination. Being ordained as a Minister grants you the legal authority to perform all Sacerdotal services. The Term Minister means to administer to the needs of others, to serve or simply to minister to others. Sacerdotal is a religious/legal service such as a wedding, funeral, Baptism or Counseling Ministers provide. In most Christian or Protestant beliefs we ordain clergy as a Protestant Minister verses calling them Priests. Catholics are most definitely Christian faith though for some reason the average American does not seem to understand this. There are many titles of legal clergy in the world, but this is the discussion of Minister. Please read additional pages to better understand other titles, and thank you for wanting to learn.

Ugh! Me Become Minister may not have been the terminology cave men would have used, yet Ministers, Shamen or clergy in some form have been with us longer than man has kept history, leading, guiding and serving their flocks.

In Scriptures of many faiths we find God, Allah, Buddha and pretty much any Deity of faith saying we should not run around sexing everyone, but find the one person that becomes our special mate in life. Having a monogamous relationship reduces worldly lusts and helps us be better in faith. Media belittles marriage and even monogamy today for their own ends. Often, it is simply that the person reporting is shallow. He was hurt in the past or wants to control your thoughts. In older times these Yellow Rag reporters were usually ran out of town on a Rail or damned as demons of hell. Our work is meant to help folks learn of Faith and let them find their own path.

The Best Minister is one that does not only want to perform weddings or other services, but is a Minister that studied and learned professional with spiritual direction along with a few words to say here or there. To Become Minister for weddings is easy today through our services and other places as we removed the pretences of traditional churches from legal appointment.

Compete Ordination

You are here because you followed your own question of How To Become A Minister and the Universal Ministries walks you through the fast, easy process of How To Become A Minister online without delay. God does not refuse you this right, so who does? Only those that would deny you the ability to serve outside of their beliefs.

What Kind of Minister do you plan to be? As you read our many pages you will learn about the different kinds of ministry and How To Be A Minister. Minister Training in the past was handled by Seminaries of various Denominations that not only demanded learning many fields to be ordained, but would not let you even help in a church until you passed their different levels.

Many people simply want to be A Wedding Minister as it takes less time, skill and training to stand with a couple, say some happy words, sign a Marriage License, and enjoy a happy day. A Marriage Minister is important to the couple and the day, yet finds this demands almost no training and with a little effort can generate love offerings for services performed. It is one of the things many traditional churches do not like about you being a Marriage Minister is they do not receive excessive fees when you step in.

Churches want people to believe they are your only choice, as their fees are often their slush fund for vacations, road trips and other playtime money. When you become a Minister Online you return the ceremony back to it's original intent, not what Corporations have made it today. By accepting Marriage Authority you deserve praise and blessings for giving back the Bride her day instead of what others want to sell her. As an Ordained Minister you may legally perform Weddings. Additional fields of Ministry are discussed in other pages. For the legal Minister we include exemptions of laws of man, training to be a good leader and knowledge to guide you as you grow in service to others. Thank you again for reading our pages, but don't stop here!

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