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Psychic: (As an adjective) Means:
Of the mind: Relating to the human Mind
Mind (as a noun) means:
  • the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons
  • the conscious mental events and capabilities in an organism
  • the organized conscious and unconscious adaptive mental activity of an organism
Stratum (as a noun) means:
one of a series of layers, levels, or gradations in an ordered system
When broken down the Title phrase of this section, "The Psychic Stratum" is easily understood. Psychic means mind, obviously. The Stratum is the vehicle or many layers of the mind in which we enter to learn of mind, spirit and existential planes the mind may create.

Some say in general these psychic processes cannot be taught to a person. This is not completely true. One can be advised of new concepts and ideas, which guided in the right direction allow development of greater awareness and intuitive abilities. Many mental abilities can be Learned that you do not realize are within you.

The ages of man have provided insights, awareness and yes even ability to expand mental faculties to expand your personal directions beyond the physical embodiment of the flesh. Many fields of learning include Tarot Reading, Dream interpretations, Meditation to open areas often closed in the average mind. Learning to access the inner self and using your new, shall we say found powers to reach beyond your current understandings.

On these pages you will find information about several different aspects of the Psychic Stratum. As a legal spiritual organization we offer various certifications in the fields we discuss and are expanding the Stratum to include more along the way.

Though it is your talent, ability and learning within the many fields, we can provide you with the certifications based in Life’s experiences credentialing to aid you in helping others. Certification within your fields of endeavor open new doors to you as people see your Credentialed ability and take you more seriously than ever before.

Click the links offered here and begin your journey to new horizons.

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