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What is Ordination?

What Is Ordination? It is the process by which individuals are consecrated as Church Clergy within a church. Ordained online ministers must be appointed from within the congregation of that church to be legal within the laws of man, and according to scripture in faith. Become ordained A Minister right now. Once Ordained a Minister you are empowered to perform sacerdotal duties as defined by a select church doctrine. To perform various religious rites and ceremonies, one must be Ordained through a legal church that accepts you as a spiritual leader within their organization. Ordained People are considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion. In addition to performing wedding ceremonies an Minister ordained is a Licensed Minister and allowed to move in certain institutions where the lay person is not allowed entrance, i.e.: Prisons, Hospitals and nursing homes. All other sacerdotal duties performed by the clergy require no legal requirements, except that they must conform to each state's various legal statutes. Many states possess statutory requirements which limit healing and counseling by the Ordained Minister, yet even these requirements are very limited to not violate Federal Constitution. The Minister Licensed should maintain a distinct knowledge of what is considered by the State as religious, and what is considered medical License. Wedding ceremonies must follow the legal guidelines of the State to be considered legal. (See FAQ's and Laws section to find information for your State.)
Many a layperson hold the belief that a person must attend seminary, engaged in long studies, and be approved by the Board of Regents. Most people do not realize a Seminary or University can not Ordain Clergy legally unless the process is through a legal church that is part of their organization. In the same right, others believe that only their Church has the right to ordain Ministers and no one else. Both are myths. In Federal and all States laws to be Ordained A Minister requires a Church or Religious Association considered the same in context to be legally ordained. Many denominations require varied levels of Church license and/or minister certificate prior to the actual Ordination of a Minister. Cost can become a major setback for those that wish to serve in faith.
Man's law for Ordination

According to man's law, God's sanctified approval is not required to become a legally Ordained Minister, but simply the approval and by the standards of some legal church that recognizes and accepts you as a spiritual leader. With your Ordination being substantiated by that Church, adding your name to the legal records and issuing you credentials of proof, you then become legally ordained in the eyes of the law. In the case of marriage, the Ordination may be two people allowing the Minister to sign documents as a Pastor of the moment.

In the Christian faith, the Bible "You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you before the foundations of the Earth." St. John 15:16. This is a very robust statement. With these statements and words, no legal documentation should be required. Who upon this Earth can challenge the word of God or lay claim to the knowledge that they decide whom God chooses? It is unfortunate that all fifty of the United States of America require some form of official documentation as to the official standing of the Minister (as though the word of God were not enough!). Does the Lord, our God, not reproach you with Matt 7: 1-3 to "Judge not lest ye be judged?" Remember these words when meeting a newly ordained Minister.
Government Approval Not Required

The majority of services performed by a Minister do not require government approval. Baptisms, Funerals, Worship Services, Prayer Meetings, Rites of Passage, and religious training fall under our rights of Religious Freedom in the First Amendment. (Applies to the U.S.) It is here that God informs us, beyond question, that he chooses you to carry His word to every child of the Lord, and take up the responsibilities placed upon you by him. This is important to the Minister and laypersons alike.
Alternate Beliefs

Perhaps you follow a different doctrine than the New Testament. If such is the case then rest assured that you will find similar statements within your faith's teachings. By accepting that your God has Ordained you, and your willingness to accept and commit to follow the Doctrines, the Statement of Faith and the articles of association of the Universal Ministries, the State will acknowledge your legal standing as a Minister of your faith.

Not everyone is picked by God to preach the word to the masses. If you have not yet received a call in faith, we offer an alternative section that may be more suited to fulfill your needs. Certification of a lesser status than Ordination is available for those who are not quite ready to become a Minister. We invite you to visit our Alternatives to Ordination Sectionto learn how you can serve in faith and spiritual fulfillment.
Judge Not

It is unfortunate that newly Ordained Ministers are ridiculed by friends and family for receiving the legal ordination and empowerment through a church that is not of their beliefs. Today we can find it true that many of the freely Ordained Ministers became so to please themselves in his or her new title rather than to serve God or Humanity in any productive way. Their ego demands that they boast to us and this title allows them that opportunity. Even Jesus Christ needed his morale boosted several times and often looked upon the Lord of Host's approval.

We do not deny anyone the pleasure or right to legal Ordination. Anyone that comes to us seeking Legal Church Ordination is accepted and has our blessings. If you are of the legal age to officiate, we empower you to perform sacerdotal duties and authorize you to perform the religious duties of a Minister from Baptism to Final Rites as well as everything in between including the Absolution of Sin. The only thing we request of you if you become Legally Ordained in jest is that you maintain this attitude and not hurt others while waiting for a higher power to call you into faith.

We freely Ordain within our doctrines, each person for life, or until the individual requests to removed from our Registry of Ministry. We simply request that you accept our ideas of "Do that which is right, live a fruitful life, and hurt no one intentionally."
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