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Book of Faiths

by Linda Silva DeSola

Calvin and Luther differed from the Roman Catholic Church, which was the first Christian Church. They started the Protestant movement. People were called heretics when they became Protestant and were burned to the stake.

My religion is Southern First Baptist. This religion began from the Protestant movement. The Southern First Baptist Church is a Bible teaching church. We believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of God. We don't believe in rituals; just a personal relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

We first die to our will and commit to doing our Lord's will. We ask him to come and dwell in us as the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit guides us, comforts us, and convicts us. As soon as one is old enough to understand they commit to doing God's will and ask him to come into their lives. This is called being Born Again. Then we are Baptized by submersion in water to symbolize dying to our self and being born again and living in his will. We do not believe it is necessary to be baptized to have salvation. Once we are Born Again, our names are written in the Lamb's Book Of Life. We are going to heaven and have eternal life. Salvation is something we will never loose.

We do receive the body and blood of Jesus as a symbolism once every 3 months. Evangelism is taught at our church. We are not Charismatic and don't speak in tongues. Our beliefs are the Bible and all it proclaims. Jesus is the Messiah. He is with us till the end of time. We believe in the Virgin birth, crucifixion, and the resurrection. Jesus rose and sits at the right hand of the Father in heaven. We believe in heaven and hell. Prayer is very powerful. If we do his will he will bless us. His way is the best way. The only way to get to the Father is through the Son. The only way to heaven is by receiving Jesus into your heart and life, not by works. We believe in the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Once we are Born Again or Saved we are all Saints. We know that we can do nothing without him. We glorify him in all that we do. Service for him is done out of gratitude and love for him.

We strive to be more like him in our lives. We come to him with humility and like a child. We strive to do his will regardless of what we would like. Reading and Studying the Bible is a daily activity and important for our growth. Jesus talks to us through his word. Everything we need to know about life is in his word. Through his word we get the answers to life's questions, wisdom, understanding, peace and joy. We observe the Sabbath. Follow the Commandments.

Only men can be Pastors of the Church. There is no secular music in the church.

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