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Psychic Vocational Degrees

We acknowledge that your life experiences deserve to be recognized, therefore there are no courses required to obtain any of these degrees. Our credentials are beautifully designed to provide you with professional quality Certification. All our degrees are legal Certifications. Each and every one of our Certifications carry the full authority of the Universal Ministries School of Theology Honorariums Committees.
Registered Degrees

Item No: PS-C001
Donation Level: $15.00

Registration within a field shows proof of a general practitioner working at their vocation. Proudly display your registration certificate with this half-page diploma style certificate.
Certified Degrees

Certified Degrees
Item No: PS-C002
Donation Level: $30.00

Certification within a vocation shows proof that the practitioner has developed competency within their limited area of training. This certification is available in a full-page diploma style.

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