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Healing Methods
Prof. Emeritus, Glenn James Gilmour.

Healing has been around for thousands of years, and I learned healing through the Spiritual Church. I learned how to heal by the laying on of hands whilst the person sits on a chair.

This type of healing that originated in the USA was brought over to the UK and is now used by some churches. This healing is by hands on healing to the forehead whilst the person being healed is usually standing, which to me is technically an unsafe way of healing, as I think the recipient ought to be sitting on a chair or stool. This way is a lot safer because someone could faint through an 'adrenaline rush' whilst they are receiving healing. I was told that there is a gland at the base of the neck, which secretes a substance that can cause faintness etc. in some cases. These church healings can be very emotional and intense, so may cause some people to faint whilst receiving healing. The style of healing that I find more comfortable and technically safer is what I learned many years ago through the Spiritual Church and from friends who taught me.

Methods of healing vary through different churches, healing organisations, tutors and the many different courses, for example: - Spiritual Healing, Reiki Healing etc. etc.

The Method Of Spiritual Healing.

People who come for Spiritual Healing may feel whilst receiving healing, warmth from the healer's hands, 'pins & needles' sensation, pressure, and even coldness. Even when the hands are away from the body by about 4 or 5 cms. They can still feel these things, due to the levels in the bodies' aura.

If you have clients their medical history must be asked about; and why they seek healing, and this must be recorded, (in a file you must have with each client's personal details), prior to healing commencing. The law about healing and keeping people's records varies from country to country. Healing:- The healer stands behind the person and places his / her hands on head (note:- some people do not like being touched on their heads, so start from some other area). Keep hands on (their) head. (They) may feel some warmth, 'pins & needles' etc.. When the healer feels that the energy through his hands has finished take hands off. Sometimes the healer may not feel anything, so he/ she must ask the person if they feel anything? Normally, after 5 - 10 minutes the healer feels that the energy is changing or has an intuition it is. He then moves onto the forehead for about 6 mins.. The eyes are next- for about 5 mins. Then come the ears. Sometimes, the inner ear balance can be 'out', and the healer will feel the energy become eventually, the same either side -- thus keeping the balance in check. This could last a little longer. Next is the neck. Place hands either side of neck below the ears, the fingers pointing forward and away from the healer. Times vary. Then the healer should place his right hand on the left shoulder and move the left hand down the left side and arm of the person. The healer should stay in that area for about 5 mins. Repeat the same on the opposite side:- left hand on right shoulder and right hand down right side / arm. After the shoulders continue from the upper back, next to the shoulder blades, working downwards with both hands until the base of back is reached. Do this for about 5 -10 mins.. Whilst going down the back feelings could be felt in any area. Keep hands on these areas where feelings are felt until the feelings recede.-continue. From base of back continue onto the hips. Left side hip:- right hand on left hip and down left leg etc. and reverse for right hip with left hand. Check over knee joints, spending about 2 - 15 mins (as knee joint healing can vary greatly). From knee use same shoulder routine. For the feet, - place right hand on left knee and left hand on front of ankle, or if the foot is elevated, behind the sole of the left foot. Visa-vera for right foot, (with left hand on knee etc.).

Sometimes this 'full' healing isn't necessary because of problems the person may have, for example:- you may have to go down the person's back on the left side due to a problem in their left leg. Normally time spent with healing is about ½ to 1 hour or more. It is very difficult to try and explain how to do healing. I just do healing and go by my instincts as I believe this is the best way for a healer to go with healing. One can spend 100's of hours doing a lot of theory, and spend a lot of money in learning and still may not get to fully understand how it works, or not have the 'gift', talent or energy from God in the first place.

The Japanese Art of Reiki Healing

Dr Mikao Usui in the late 1800's. There are 3 levels of Reiki:- the 1st degree, the 2nd degree and the 3rd degree or Masters level. There are many symbols also within Reiki. When I teach someone the 1st degree, I understandably start with the 1st Attunement, then go onto the Usui System of Attunements. The systems are too numerous to go into fully. Here are some important pointers that make up the first level of Reiki Healing: - Reiki is an automatic process and the healing energy will flow to the necessary area. Any attempt to force the process of healing will result in a general lessening of the power available for the healer to channel -- thus blocking the healing energy / God's energy / Life Force energy etc. for the healer is a channel for energy given and not the source. This explains why the treatments do not drain the giver, but rather actively replenish and 'charge' the Reiki practitioners.

The origins of Reiki that are originally from Japan, were started by a full Reiki treatment will last for an hour. Treatments should be carried out in a relaxed atmosphere and area for both parties for them to be comfortable. Candles, incense, and quiet music playing makes for a good atmosphere. Have no outside distractions if possible so as not to break any energy flow. Answer any questions a client may ask prior to treatment.

Whilst giving healing on the Reiki table the healer should allow about 3 - 5 mins to allow energy to flow in each of the hand positions taught. Reiki is especially beneficial to pregnant women and has a relaxing, and reassuring effect on the unborn child. Much of Reiki is intuitive and a 'feel' for hand positions and amount of time spent in one position can be modified to the healer's comfort. If it feels right - do it!!

How to Give a Healing on a Reiki Table.

Prior to the client's arrival, cleanse the room with incense and always wash your hands before and after each treatment. Gain rapport with your client and make sure they have the time to complete the treatment. Explain the Reiki process, hand positions, whilst they are on the table. Place a pillow underneath their head. Answer any questions they may have. Both be relaxed and comfortable, and that yourself will be able to maintain a relaxed posture during the entire treatment.

Hand Positions.
With the client laying on his back, from his head, place your hands on his eyes (fingers downwards) for 5 minutes.)
Place hands on sides of head (fingers downwards) for 5 minutes.
Lift head slightly and place hands under head without turning the head to the left or right. Keep hands underneath for 5 min+.
Place hands just below the throat and above the chest area (especially on females) in a triangular position i.e.: - thumbs touching and index fingers (pointing downwards) touching.
Above the ribs, but below the chest, from the left side place both hands on left side pointing to the (body's) right.
Move both hands over to the right side, still pointing to the (body's) right.
Just lower, still pointing towards the right, place both hands in a parallel across left and (body's) right.
Just below the stomach, place left hand on right side pointing upwards in a NW position and right hand on left side pointing in a SW position. Repeat same previous positions slightly lower over hips.
Place left hand on top of right thigh pointing upwards and right hand on left thigh pointing downwards.
Place left hand pointing to the body's right on right knee, and right hand pointing to the right on left knee.
Place left hand on front right lower leg in an upward position. The right hand pointing down on the front lower left leg.
Place left hand on right foot and right hand on left foot both pointing to the body's right.
Once the front of the client is complete, ask him / her to turn over onto their stomach so work on the back can begin. Repeat the same hand movements as for the front.

Gently bring the client back to full waking consciousness by putting firmer pressure onto the soles of the feet or tap the shoulders lightly. Offer a glass of water to your client. Talk through the treatment to find out if your client has any further questions about it. Make sure he / she has your details and knows how to contact you for more advice or assistance.

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