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Types of Degrees

Associate's Degree
An associate’s degree aims to give students the basic academic knowledge and skills they need to further study in their chosen field. An associate degree provides you with a solid foundation to help you meet your educational and professional goals.

Bachelor Degree
In ancient terms, the husbandry of knowledge within various fields carried certain levels of titles. At the "Master" level was a person that had developed complete specific knowledge of that field. They were commonly called "Husband" or "Master". Below the husband or master was the "Bachelor", a person of general specialization, yet not of complete husbandry of knowledge.

In the 4-year college system of recent history, the Bachelor, or Baccalaureate, is the first accomplished degree of general specialization. The student spends 2 years in general studies, and then 2 years of basic study within a specific field. The Honorary Degree is given for life's experiences, instead of for time spent within a classroom. Often life is a better teacher than studying the works of someone else.

Master's Degree
The "Husband" or "Master" of a field evolved into the college post-graduate Masters Degree. A 4-year college is designed to primarily produce Bachelors of different fields of endeavor. Many students continue more specific studies past the 4-year degree as post-graduates. They study to become a master of specialization within that area of knowledge. The Honorary Masters Degree is awarded for the experiences the individual deals with from day to day, without the demands of long term courses.

Doctorate Degree
The "Doctor" within a specific field is a person who has reached maturity in their field. The Doctor has become the equivalent of royalty within their area of expertise. The Doctor is the very pinnacle of learning a person can achieve. An Honorary Doctorate acknowledges that the recipient deserves to be recognized for their unsurpassed abilities due to life's learning and experiences.

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