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The name Universal Ministries was coined to show we are not just one church, but the many ministries and churches Associated through the Home Church. So many online sites are just that without having anything behind them beyond a site. The Milford Office and Chapel were established in a legal church in 2000 though we started as a ministry first as many of you will. The Universal Ministries is made up of members from all Faiths and walks in life that have chosen to become legally ordained. Though we are founded in New Testament and original Scriptures from the time of Christ we are a church open to all wishing to share spiritual faith and journey. Do not think you can't be legally ordained simply because you do not follow our doctrines as our doors are indeed open to all in Faith. The Universal Ministries though a denomination of many churches still follows a non-denominational direction in allowing you to Start a Church and decide the path it will follow.

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Become an Ordained Minister, As this allows you to perform weddings in all States as you are a legal officiant. What is Ordination? Ordination is the authority that lets you perform weddings and all sacerdotal duties of Church Ministry.

We are excited you want to Get Ordained now and are coming to us to do so. As you explore our site we remind you that each Bold word or phrase takes you to more information so use the Links above or simply click on the Bold print term.

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Many churches pretend you are not a legal minister or a real one because you did not go through them. This simply is Not true. You do join the Universal Ministries or any church in seeking ordination, we walk you through how to be ordained online, but each Church determines the form of ordination they require. We believe true Ordination is from and of God as stated in John 15:16. All the rest is man trying to tell you how to act when they often aren't sure themselves and often don't even know the laws that make them legal.

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So as you Become Ordained Online you are just as legal as the minister in the big church down the road. In some cases more legal than a local Judge or minister of certain denominations as the Universal Ministries is legal in over 167 Nations besides the United States. The next and very important thing to know is you do not actually become ordained online as the online site is simply an information transfer point. Your information is entered into our permanent Registry of Ministers, We perform a quick Ordination service for you in our Chapel though you may not be here and you are legally ordained in Milford, IL.

Think of buying a fishing license or renewing your Drivers License on your State site. You are paying for the right at your state level, not just online. It's the same here folks. You didn't buy something, but request Home Church authority and Licensing.

Getting Ordained is how people can have the ability to marry others as Marriage Officiants. You either have to become an appointed Government official or a minister in a legal church. For most people becoming a Judge, Justice of the Peace, or Mayor of a city is simply not in their life direction. We discuss getting ordained further on other pages so click the word or term to learn more.

As an Ordained Minister You don't have to be elected to an office as God Calls you and elects you to His Service. We have made this as simple as possible while being sure we keep you legal and correct in law. Look, when your loved ones and friends want to Get Married they want to be sure it is all done legal and proper. Ready to click the become ordained box or would you like to know even more? If you haven't used the many links please use the drop down from above or click those Bold print words so we can explain more. Even if you are ready Now, please after the fact check out all we offer on our other pages.

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