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When many people think of the word telepathy, they may think of some unusual ability that only "special" or "gifted people" have. They may think of movies depicting this ability where one person hears the thoughts of another in actual words. Perhaps some people do have that ability but more often than not, telepathy is a common practice that comes to most of us naturally which we use in day to day life and for our basic survival whether we are aware of it or not. The Oxford dictionary defines telepathy as 'action of one mind on another at a distance through emotional influence without communication through the senses. When thinking about this definition it becomes evident that telepathy does often overlap with many other abilities we may consider "paranormal" or "extrasensory". Have you ever been standing in a room of people and suddenly turned around not knowing why and noticed someone staring at you? How is it possible for us to know that someone is looking at our back? Did the person call out our name or say anything? Very often they did not. Have you ever walked into a room of people and wanted to leave right away because of what you may refer to as "bad vibes"? Sometimes we may meet or begin to talk with someone and there will be something in their eyes that makes us uncomfortable. In these situations, they may not have said anything to us with words and we may not have been influenced by anything they did using the general senses we know of but we "sensed something" or got a "bad feeling". Did you ever meet anyone and not liked them immediately without any "logical" reason for it? Some people call that, "bad chemistry". We often "speak to each other" without words using a language that only our subconscious understands and this influences our conscious actions, choices and behavior.

What about attractions to other people? Sometimes we can just look into a person's eyes and immediately become attracted to them and know potential is there for a relationship of one kind or another. Telepathic communication is not limited to human beings however. Our pets develop bonds with us and depending on how strong the bond is, often communicate with us through eye contact and anyone who has this type of bond with their pet knows this. Some people believe that a person with a conscience cannot look another in the eye if they are lying and this is a good way to know if someone is guilty. Why is it difficult for many of us to look in someone's eyes while lying to them. What power do eyes have? There is an old saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Perhaps they transmit the truth to others who look into them and it all happens on a subconscious level. In just about every country and time period in history, there have been many protective amulets, jewelry, talismans, oils, etc which have been alleged to protect people from "the evil eye" or the negative thoughts and intentions of others.

Women have often been credited for having "women's intuition" but many of us, regardless of gender, have this ability. It is an ability to see things in people and situations without having too much information to work with. We often use this intuition as a protective measure and to keep from falling into negative circumstances. Women have practiced this necessary ability throughout history to raise children and keep their families together. Very often people in the business world need it as well especially when they have to work with lots of people and make "educated guesses" and decisions very quickly. It is necessary to use it when making decisions about which people to do business with. Sometimes we need more than just people's word or hard cold facts.

Sometimes telepathic communication happens between people at great distance from each other. Someone may get a sudden flash and picture in their mind of something very disturbing like a fire and think of a friend who lives far away. Later on they may discover that their friend's house burned down. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether a lot of these things are psychic abilities on the part of the one who has the "visions" or thoughts transmitted to the person by someone in trouble that the "visionary" picked up on. These abilities often overlap and it is hard to know for sure. A good example of this is psychic dreams. We may have a dream that tells us about something possibly going on in another person's life. We might find out later that it was very accurate even though there was no way for us to have this information. Did we pick up on the thoughts of that person we dreamed about or are we someone who has psychic dreams?

Clairaudience is the ability to hear things outside the normal range of perception. It is another psychic strength which can also be seen as a telepathic one. Perhaps this ability, like telepathy, gets distorted in movies and on television. Did you ever talk to someone on the telephone and just knew something was wrong even though they said they are fine and did not say anything with words to tell you otherwise. "It was just something in her voice", you might say. Sometimes we may be with someone talking and there will be something in their eye contact, the tone in their voice, articulations, and stressors put on certain words that worried you somehow. These are things most of us experience in our day-to-day life and even though no words may be spoken we "just know". There are audible clues to a lot of what is going on with people if we are really paying attention with senses that may or may not go beyond the common ones we know of. It depends on your viewpoint. Some might say, "I just know people" or "I am a careful observer". Telephone psychics often use clairaudience.

Many people wonder if telepathy, psychic abilities, clairaudience, intuition, psychic dreams, etc. are a lot of hocus pocus nonsense with purely logical explanations or if these abilities are real. Still others consider that these are skills all of us have and use everyday without realizing it. Another question is if these abilities are somehow connected with the spiritual realm or if they come from a part of the brain we all have but only some of us use. Perhaps at this point in the evolution of modern civilization, these abilities are presented in a way that seem special, unusual, extra sensory and paranormal. Unfortunately, there are those who abuse these words taking advantage of others by charging enormous amounts of money to offer them their "gifts". This then insults those of us who are really in tune with and have developed this special sensitivity, heightened awareness and intuition who really want to assist and guide people when we are lumped together with those who exploit other people for profit. Perhaps it is these charlatans who claim to have "supernatural powers" that bring on the skeptical attitude in people and cause them to have a black and white attitude about the subject all together.

The kind of telepathy we see depicted in science fiction movies may be hard for many of us to fathom but in every fairy tale, myth or fantasy, there is always an element of truth. Sometimes it comes from something in actual recorded history, collective memory or even a vision of things to come. The Celts, well known for their magical lore, were believed to have practiced telepathy. During the Roman Gallic wars, the Romans could not understand how the enemy seemed to be able to detect even their smallest movements and were able to quickly prepare for an attack. In more tribal and primitive cultures such as the Aborigines of Australia, telepathy is accepted as a common practice. A person who practices the form of telepathy which a more advanced culture might accept may be more accurately called an empath. An empath knows things through their feelings, sensitivity and emotions. Sometimes this knowing even affects them biologically. The telepath will often naturally or deliberately cut off his emotions and feelings in order to have better mind-to-mind contact. Both the empath and the telepath can use their skills constructively for many of the same purposes to a greater or lesser degree but in different ways and this may be referred to as "The Art of Telepathy". For example, if someone is trying to find out if a certain person is guilty of a crime, an empath and a telepath could be in the room with the accused man/woman and both able to tune into his/her conscience. The way they come to know if the one is guilty or not is different. The empath may know the person is guilty by a gut feeling of dread and horror, may see disturbing images and get an overwhelming feeling of fear while the telepath may not be effected emotionally. In his mind, the telepath may ask the accused a question and then will hear the response in the form of some kind of dialog and may even obtain some details of the crime through actual words.

The telepath may understand people by knowing what and how they think and the empath by what they feel. They may be able to see "the truth" in situations, have an objective point of view and be able to clarify misunderstandings and confusion between people. People with these skills can be a great benefit when help is needed to solve difficult crimes. They may be able to tell if someone is lying as well. The telepath may even act as a "human lie detector". The empath can have a deeper understanding of another person's feelings by experiencing them vicariously. Then the situation the person is in or their dilemma may become clearer. They can also help people get in touch with and sort through feelings that may be buried. Both the telepath and empath can warn people if they are getting involved with someone who may not have the best intentions. A telepath, by tuning into a person's thoughts, can warn us of crimes before they happen. As discussed earlier, pets and their human companions can have a telepathic link at times. An animal can alert a human to "bad people" by certain unusual behaviors. It is up to us to listen because in order for this exchange to take place, the receiver must be open to the sender's message. Sometimes the timing has to be right as well. This is especially true when healing is sent to another person telepathically. The healing will be most powerful and successful when the receiver is thought to be most receptive. Sometimes a very effective telepath or group of people with these skills can send healing to a person on the other side of the world. The talent and skill of the empath and telepath can be very beneficial to many people as long as it is used constructively. Those who have it must know how to harness and regulate it as well. It is believed that all people have telepathic abilities and the only difference between telepaths and those who are not is that those who are have come to an awareness of its presence. This jewel many of our ancestors took for granted which is still commonly used today by more primitive people is considered to be a talent only of the gifted by our modern, advanced culture but perhaps someday it will be accepted as a reality common to all people.

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