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Moving objects from one place to another without using physical contact. The re-shaping of objects using the mind's energies, such as bending a spoon, or key, by just holding it and focusing.

Telekinesis is created by higher levels of consciousness. It can not be created by 'wishing it' to happen on the physical level. The energy to move or bend an object is created by a person's thoughts created by their subconscious mind.

Energy levels must be very high. The desire to move or break or bend an object must exist in a level of thought we do not as yet have control over with the 10% of the brain human's presently use.

Primitive man used telekinesis instinctively as a form of survival. Today we do not remember how to access that part of our brain.

Everyone has the potential to be able to be telekinetic. There are different things that can have a sort of psychotropic affect on the brain. Meaning, affecting the mental activity or behavior perception. Even stress and abuse can cause one to cultivate certain psychokinetic abilities.

Choose your Degree - No Course Required!