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Where Did They Come From?

Tarot cards have been around since the fourteenth century or earlier. There are many different theories on how they came into existence, but the actual truth is not known. It is believed that the 22 major arcana cards within the 78 card deck were a separate form of Italian divination called Tarocchi and later merged into the European divination deck which was derived from regular playing cards. Links of origin to Italy, Spain, Gypsies, Egypt, and Arabia are some of the more common theories.

Basic Information:

A divination tool which tunes us into our subconscious minds, higher power, and tunes the reader into the subconscious mind of the querent. They are deeply reflective, and used by many as an aid in meditation. The tarot cards are slowly beginning to lose their evil stigma which was bestowed on them by the early church.

Common Myth:

You may have seen fictional movies showing a tarot reading being done and the death card appearing. The death card is actually positive, and rarely means death literally, but instead means the end of a of a stagnant energy pattern, and positive changes on the horizon.

The Deck:

Many Christians and Spiritualists use tarot cards, and believe that their abilities are not evil, but come from God. The most popular deck out of hundreds, is the Rider-Waite deck. They are easy to interpret, and beautifully illustrated. The 22 major arcana cards within the 78 card deck depict archetypes and signify major change on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. One major arcana card in a reading can tell a whole story. In addition, there are for different suits, Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles, which represent different energies, and also the elements, and 16 court cards representing people of different physical attributes and dispositions.

In advanced tarot card reading the suits can be used to determine the season of the year, and even month, day and year of an event. Tarot cards can calm people, inspire them, and sometimes forewarn them of events to come that they may either anticipate or avoid.

Golden Rule:

Speaking the truth and not omitting information is the golden rule, but in the event of negative information, much compassion and tact should be used. There is almost always advice in the cards to help a person change a negative event to come. There is of course God's will in which the inevitable will happen. In cases like this, trying to help a person understand is the goal. Another golden rule of tarot reading is to not divulge information to help a person commit evil. This includes any sort of harm to another, criminal activity, adultery, etc. The cards should be used strictly in the highest light to help people better their lives.


Sometimes a reading will help a querent realize unknown fears, destructive patterns, and attitudes that need changing. They can even be used to detect blocked chakras in the body, the cause of the blockage (emotional trauma) and the ill effects this can have on one's health.

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