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Palm readings can reveal amazing insights into the character, love life, health, talents, career abilities, fate plus other important issues of the person being read. Things like romance, adventure, old forgotten memories, spiritual healing, personal growth, renewal, self-understanding, overcoming unproductive thinking, allowing innovative thinking, losing old habits, recognizing mind traps, overcoming fears, freeing from depression, anxiety, and stress, are some things to solve with those palm reading revelations. Palm reading lectures show evidence that allow evaluating consequences about taking various actions, thus revealing someone's own best way to succeed.

Consider that Hand Analysis and Palmistry are different but closely related in their use. The first exists as scientific study dealing with shape, size, finger lengths, fingernails, skin patterns which make anyone's hand different from any other. It's study is based upon what is recorded in them, measured, compared towards facts given in studies done by psychologists, medical doctors, educationalists, universities, character researches done in institutions world wide. Thus hands analysis allows evaluation of the personality, character structure, health, talents, career abilities, and hobbies best suited for certain individua, among other thingsl. Many people want it done for precise relationship choices.

Palmistry is done when reading hands with a scientific eye using intuition as a form of prediction that is absolutely unique. When analyzing manual lines, fortune tellers can use both Palmistry and Hand Analysis, getting a complete picture story of persons, who they are, their talents, their potential future, applying intuition to predict from those potentials. Fortune tellers diagnose, devine by manual lines, marks, shapes, pointing out logical results that involve simple destiny.

The heart line reveals emotions, sensitivity degree, capacity for giving and receiving love and affection. It also shows the heart's physical condition as well. The head line reveals mental capacity, also how an individual handles those emotional and mental stresses of life.

Choose your Degree - No Course Required!