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State Laws for Ministers
New Hampshire

457:1 Marriages Prohibited; Men. - No man shall marry any other man.

457:2 Marriages Prohibited; Women. - No woman shall marry any other woman.

457:3 Recognition of Out-of-State Marriages. - Every marriage legally contracted outside the state of New Hampshire, which would not be prohibited under RSA 457:1 or RSA 457:2 if contracted in New Hampshire, shall be recognized as valid in this state for all purposes if or once the contracting parties are or become permanent residents of this state subsequent to such marriage, and the issue of any such marriage shall be legitimate. Marriages legally contracted outside the state of New Hampshire which would be prohibited under RSA 457:1 or RSA 457:2 if contracted in New Hampshire shall not be legally recognized in this state. Any marriage of New Hampshire residents recognized as valid in the state prior to the effective date of this section shall continue to be recognized as valid on or after the effective date of this section.

457:26 Marriage License. - The town clerk shall deliver to the parties a marriage license embodying the facts required in RSA 457:22, specifying the time when the application was entered, which license shall be delivered to the minister or magistrate who is to officiate, before the marriage is solemnized. The license shall be valid for not more than 90 days from the date of filing.

457:31 Who May Solemnize.
Marriage may be solemnized by a justice of the peace as commissioned in the state; by any minister of the gospel in the state who has been ordained according to the usage of his or her denomination, resides in the state, and is in regular standing with the denomination; by any clergyman who is not ordained but is engaged in the service of the religious body to which he or she belongs, resides in the state, after being licensed therefor by the secretary of state; within his or her parish, by any minister residing out of the state, but having a pastoral charge wholly or partly in this state.

457:33 Fee for Solemnizing. - The persons joined in marriage by a minister or justice of the peace shall pay the minister or justice a minimum of $5.

457:34 Penalty for Solemnization Without Valid Certificate. - If a minister or justice of the peace shall join any persons in marriage without having first received a certificate of the town clerk, or shall join any persons in marriage with a certificate which he knows to be invalid, he shall forfeit for each offense $60.

457:35 Penalty for Solemnization by Unauthorized Person. - If a person not authorized by this chapter to solemnize marriages shall join any persons in marriage, with or without a certificate, he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

457:37 Exceptions. - Nothing contained in this chapter shall affect the right of Jewish Rabbis residing in this state, or of the people called Friends or Quakers, to solemnize marriages in the way usually practiced among them, and all marriages so solemnized shall be valid. Jewish Rabbis residing out of the state may obtain a special license as provided by RSA 457:32.

326-B:43 Exemptions. - The provisions of this chapter shall not prohibit or limit:
IV. Nursing services by anyone when done in accordance with the practice of the religious principles or tenets of any well-recognized church or denomination which relies upon prayer or spiritual means alone for healing.

330-A:34 Persons Exempted.
(c) The counseling activities and services of rabbis, priests, ministers, Christian Science practitioners, clergy, or members of religious orders when their counseling activities are within the scope of the performance of their regular or specialized ministerial duties and are performed under the auspices or sponsorship of an established and legally recognized church or denomination.

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