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State Laws for Ministers

Section 25.05.013. Same-sex marriages.
A marriage entered into by persons of the same sex, either under common law or under statute, that is recognized by another state or foreign jurisdiction is void in this state, and contractual rights granted by virtue of the marriage, including its termination, are unenforceable in this state.
(b) A same-sex relationship may not be recognized by the state as being entitled to the benefits of marriage.

Section 25.05.261 Who May Solemnize.
(a) Marriages may be solemnized
(1) by a minister, priest, or rabbi of any church or congregation in the state, or by a commissioned officer of the Salvation Army, or by the principal officer or elder of recognized churches or congregations that traditionally do not have regular ministers, priests, or rabbis, anywhere within the state;
(2) by a marriage commissioner or judicial officer of the state anywhere within the jurisdiction of the commissioner or officer; or
(3) before or in any religious organization or congregation according to the established ritual or form commonly practiced in the organization or congregation.
(b) This section may not be construed to waive the requirements for obtaining a marriage license.

Section 25.05.271. Duty of officiating person before ceremony.
The officiating person shall determine that the parties presenting themselves to be married are the parties named in the license. If the officiating person knows of a legal impediment to the marriage, the officiating person may not perform the ceremony.

Section 25.05.301. Form of solemnization.
In the solemnization of marriage no particular form is required except that the parties shall assent or declare in the presence of each other and the person solemnizing the marriage and in the presence of at least two competent witnesses that they take each other to be husband and wife. A competent witness for this purpose is a person of sound mind capable of understanding the seriousness of the ceremony. At the time of the ceremony, the person solemnizing the marriage shall complete the certification on the original marriage certificate. The person solemnizing the marriage and the two attending witnesses shall sign the original marriage certificate and the necessary copies.

Section 25.05.361. Unlawful solemnization of marriage.
A person who solemnizes a marriage without first receiving a proper marriage license from the parties as provided in this chapter or without the parties declaring to take each other as husband and wife, or without requiring the presence of two competent witnesses; or who solemnizes a marriage involving a person under the legal age of marriage without the consent of (1) the licensing official when authorized, or (2) the parents or guardian of the underaged person, being stated in the license; or who solemnizes a marriage knowing of any legal impediment thereto, or who solemnizes a marriage after the expiration of the license, or who falsely certifies to the date of a marriage solemnized by that person is guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction is punishable by imprisonment for not more than six months, or by a fine of not more than $500, or by both.

Section 25.05.371. Solemnization of marriage by unauthorized person.
A person not authorized by this chapter who willfully or knowingly undertakes to solemnize a marriage in this state is guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction is punishable by imprisonment for not more than one year, or by a fine of not more than $1,000, or by both.

Child Protection pertaining to Ministry
Section 47.17.020. Persons required to report.
(1) practitioners of the healing arts.
(d) This section does not require a religious healing practitioner to report as neglect of a child the failure to provide medical attention to the child if the child is provided treatment solely by spiritual means through prayer in accordance with the tenets and practices of a recognized church or religious denomination by an accredited practitioner of the church or denomination.

Section 47.17.290. Definitions.
(13) "Practitioner of the healing arts" includes chiropractors, mental health counselors, social workers, dental hygienists, dentists, health aides, nurses, nurse practitioners, certified nurse aides, occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, optometrists, osteopaths, naturopaths, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, physicians, physician's assistants, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychological associates, audiologists and speech-language pathologists licensed under AS 08.11, hearing aid dealers licensed under AS 08.55, marital and family therapists licensed under AS 08.63, religious healing practitioners, acupuncturists, and surgeons

Section 08.64.370. Exceptions to application of chapter.
Sec 84 is te establishment of licensure of medical Professionals including osteopathy practices.
This chapter does not apply to (3) the practice of the religious tenets of a church.

Section 08.86.180. Practice of psychology
(b) This section does not apply to (3) a qualified member of another profession, in doing work of a psychological nature consistent with that person's training and consistent with the code of ethics of that person's profession, if the person does not hold out to the public by a title or description of services incorporating the words "psychology," "psychological," "psychologist," "psychometrics," "psychotherapy," "psychotherapeutic," "psychotherapist," "psychoanalysis," or "psychoanalyst" or represent to be trained, experienced, or qualified to render services in the field of psychology.

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