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International Laws for Ministers

Marriage Act of Scotland 1977

Though the Scottish laws regarding weddings are more complicated than what we in America usually deal with, we do find that Laws are written to serve. With this in mind we must look at the Rights of ministers to solemnize marriages. The important articles of the 1977 marriage act are as follows;

8.-1 A marriage may be solemnized by and only by-
(a) a person who is-
(j.) A minister of the Church of Scotland, or
(jj.) a minister, clergyman, pastor, or priest of a religious body prescribed by regulations made by the Secretary of State. or who, not being one of the foregoing, is recognized by a religious body so prescribed as entitled to solemnize marriages on its behalf; or
(jjj.) registered under section 9 of this Act; or
(iv) temporarily authorized under section 12 of this Act; or
(b) a person who is a district registrar or assistant registrar appointed under section 17 of this Act.

What does this section of the law mean to you as a minister? Well it means you will need to show that you are authorized by the Ministries, and that you have formed a religious society in your area. The law does not allow you to seek marriage authorization to profit from operating a business performing weddings, nor will it allow you authorization without first showing that you are seriously involved as a member of the society that nominates you.

The law demands that you actually become a ministry before you will be recognized to provide marriage services. You may provide a religious ceremony of marriage after a civil ceremony has been conducted by an authorized marriage registrar. You will still be able to perform all other sacerdotal duties of the clergy, but not legal marriages until you comply.

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