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Main Catalog

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to pay by credit card, please be sure you supply the name exactly as it appears on the card. Also, please supply the exact address that your card is billed to. You will also be required to provide a phone number. The phone number will be used to verify the payment if all information is not an exact match. If the phone number you supply is not valid and the payment can not be verified, your request will not be filled.

Most items ship within 3 - 5 days or less allowing for holidays and weekends.

Legal statement is to allow 4 weeks for delivery time.

If you have requested clothing, please allow up to 5 weeks for shipment of your request as we order your custom clothing after receipt.
Personalized items include, but are not limited to certificates and ID Cards.
10% surcharge will be withheld on refunds for non-personalized items.
Legal explanation of requesting catalog items within the Universal Ministries

You should be aware that when using our catalog that you are not purchasing products, but requesting legal authorities of the church within the law, to serve you and this organization in this world. We do not sell products as you find in the conventional religious stores. We are not a store, but a church providing the authorities of the church. All authority of any church comes not through the certificates issued, but through the legal rights of the church to provide and promote people within the organization(s). With legal authority of the law and doctrines of the church we bestow the legal titles of office and education of the church that carry authority in the world of man. Our certificates of authority are issued based within the requirements of man through the descriptions of the catalog.

The Donation level associated with each article, package or book within our catalog is not a purchase agreement of the item, but your commitment level. The donation level shares your sincere desire to serve in the advancement of your faith and knowledge as well as supporting the Universal Ministries in both funding and knowledge. The Universal Ministries do not charge a price for items as would be the case of a business for profit, yet do set minimum standards of commitment of the individual seeking authority within the Ministries. Failure to comply with said minimum commitments of the Universal Ministries removes the issuance of authority requested as well as the incidental gift(s) of documentation.

The certificates issued by the Universal Ministries are legal documents of authority, yet are considered incidental tokens of the Universal Ministries' appreciation of your donation level and commitment in knowledge and or faith. The certificate or document simply displays your office, as you receive the factual authority of office through placement of your information within the various registries of authority in the Universal Ministries. A degree of higher learning becomes legal by granting authority within the School registry. Religious authority is the placement within the Church registry and the authority of Knighthood comes from the appointment within the Order of religious Chivalry.

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