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Letters of Good Standing & Other Legal Forms

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Note: You must be ordained with Universal Ministries to request these items.

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Letter of Good Standing

Letter of Good Standing

Official church document stating your good standing with the Universal Ministries. Only Ministers of the Universal Ministries may request our Letters as we cannot issue them for other Churches. A General Letter will suffice for most requirements, such as:

Virginia - (Some counties)

Hennepin County in Minnesota

Hawaii - requires a slightly different format of letter.

West Virginia - requires a letter with 2 signatures on it.

Item No: L001
Donation Level: $10.00

New York City Documentation

New York City Documentation

New York City - requires three forms to become registered in the city.

Item No: L002
Donation Level: $10.00

Nevada Documentation

Nevada Documentation

Documentation for use in Douglas and/or Clark counties in Nevada.

Item No: L003
Donation Level: $10.00

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